Woman killed at gender reveal party after homemade reveal device explodes like pipe bomb.

A woman has been killed at a gender reveal party after a homemade reveal device exploded like a pipe bomb.

Three killed, nine injured following mass shooting in Los Angeles.

Three people have been killed following a mass shooting at a Halloween party in Los Angeles. Emergency services were called to a residence at 10.44pm local time in Long Beach, LA.

Late Nigerian Activist And Politician Funmilayo Ransom-Kuti’s 119th Honoured by Google Doodle.

Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti’s 119th Birthday 
Google paid homage to Nigerian activist, politician and teacher Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti on what would have been her 119th birthday on Friday.

Man Battling Cancer Wins $200,000 Lottery Prize On Last Day Of Chemotherapy

Powerball Lottery
Ronnie Foster was already on top of the world as he headed to his final round of chemotherapy then he won the lottery.

Brazilian Dentist Travels To Treat The Teeth Of Poor People For Free And Here Are 30 Transformations.

Everybody can be an everyday superhero, no matter their profession. The perfect example that illustrates that this adage is practical, not just theoretical, is Brazilian dentist Felipe Rossi.

Bars In Italy Are Starting To Use Pasta Straws To Reduce Plastic Waste

Do you know what the ballet, jeans, and eyeglasses have in common? They were all invented in Italy.

Guy Hits Stranger’s Tail Light While Parallel Parking And The Text Conversation After Is Perfect

Two strangers proved there’s still lots of good humans out there as they exchanged an amazing conversation after one scratched the other’s car.

Doctor Arrested As 900 Children Test Positive For HIV After He ‘Reused Syringes’

Nearly 900 children under the age of 12 have tested positive for HIV in a Pakistani city after a children’s doctor allegedly reused infected syringes.

Greta Thunberg Refuses £40,000 Environmental Award.

Greta Thunberg Refuses £40,000 Environmental Award
Greta Thunberg has refused to accept an environmental award worth £40,000, describing it as a ‘huge honour’ but stating the climate movement ‘does not need any more awards’.

Katie Price admits she doesn't know her kids' birthdays and has to Google them.

Katie Price has admitted she doesn't know her children's birthdays and has to Google them. The reality star and mother-of-five (she thinks) was recently spotted via her own reality TV show, nonetheless looking up her kids' birthdays online while trying to make plans for the summer.

Mom Turns Her Baby Into A Zombie For A Horror Photoshoot And The Kid Absolutely Nails It.

A family photoshoot isn’t just about the pictures.

Sometimes Love Is An Octopus.

We have been dating for a few years now and definitely get a few strange looks.

Every Halloween Josh Sundquist Makes An Epic Costume, And He Just Revealed His 2019 Costume.


Paralympian. Motivational speaker. Comedian. Author. Academic. Lamp! Wait

The World’s First Bee Influencer Is Trying To Save The Bees.

The World's First Influential Bee Is An Activist For The Preservation Of Its Species
"Yo guys! So, name a thing you love.

Two Sisters Are Taking Makeup To The Next Level And Here Are Their 133 Most Stunning Trasformations


Cummings is first African-American to be laid in state at the Capitol.

A funeral has been held for the late Elijah Cummings, the former representative for Maryland’s 7th district, in his home city of Baltimore.

After 18 surgeries, man gets new face to become first African-American face transplant recipient

His ghastly road crash five years ago left his face disfigured and now Robert Chelsea has become the first African-American to receive a full face transplant.

Aideen Kate chats about creating her Halloween looks.

The Irish beauty influencer has built up a solid fanbase of over 120,000 people who scroll her feed searching for makeup inspiration.

Woman collapses after hairdresser cuts off 12 inches of hair without telling her.

It's a stressful enough time for all involved, but it's rare that we get to experience the post-haircut devastation first-hand

Person Puts Up A Sign About Police Officers’ Legal Knowledge And It Starts A Heated Discussion.

A simple search on YouTube might give you plenty of videos featuring police officers “getting owned” by law experts.

Children From The US And Mexico Play Together On These Seesaws Built On The Border Wall In Defiance Of Trump.

Think back to the earliest days of your childhood.

How To Make Fruit and Vegetable Bug Snacks.

Snacking is important for children since their smaller stomachs fill up fast and they burn energy quickly.

Scientists may have found the root of anxiety, opening a door to treatment."For people suffering from anxiety, this news should give hope."

Anxiety illustration

When anxiety takes hold, it’s a full-body experience. It’s hard to imagine that these all-encompassing symptoms could emanate from a few specific cells,but new research points to just such a neural home for anxiety in the brain.

The Age At Which Young People Leave Their Parents’ Home Is Surprisingly Different In Different Countries.

The Age At Which Young People Leave Their Parents’ Home Is Surprisingly Different In Different Countries

It’s a tearful but joyous moment when your baby birds (your children) finally fly out of the nest, move out of the family home, and start making it on their own.

Man Shames Mom For Looking At Her Phone Instead Of Her Kids, She Defends Herself And Shames Him Instead.

It’s easy to judge when you only get a snippet of the big picture. So when a stranger mom-shamed Tracy Bennett, she decided to respond with an open letter for everyone to see why sometimes you should keep your opinion to yourself.

This Is How Birds See The World As Compared To Humans And It’s Pretty Amazing.

For many years, people were in the dark about how other animals see.

Turns Out, Plastic Bags Were Created To Save The Planet But Somehow Things Went Horribly Wrong.

It comes as no surprise that plastic nowadays is seen as the planet’s number one enemy. Plastic is piling up at landfills, it has polluted rivers, seas and oceans and it has even infiltrated our bodies as well.

Irish Man Pre-Records Message To Play At His Funeral, Leaves Mourners In Tears Of Laughter

Image result for ishman has last laugh at own funeral with hilarious recorded message for mourners
For most people, funerals are no joking matter, a time of gloom and serious reflection, a time of grief.

Monica Carvalho Passionate About Creating Surreal Images That Make You Look Twice (28 New Pics)

The Eye-Cing On The Cake
Monica Carvalho, a Swiss-born photographer & digital artist based in Berlin has always been fascinated by art that is challenging for the eyes, so over the years I have developed a passion for creating surreal images that ‘make you look twice’!.

This Pit Bull Gets Her Own Maternity Photoshoot And She Looks Absolutely Glowing.

In early September, Mama Pickles a cute pit bull was found wandering alone on the streets.

Teacher Shows Kids How To Correctly Wipe Their Butts And People Are Saying It's What Every School Should Teach.

A teacher went viral on the internet after using balloons to teach her preschool students how to wipe their behinds.

'And the Oscar Goes to...': Dramatic Horse Pretends Dead Every Time Someone Tries to Ride it

To paraphrase Aristotle, we as human beings can achieve happiness by perfecting our natures.

This Church Is Going Viral For Its Clever Signs (19) Pics

Religion has a very different place in people’s lives than barely half a century ago. It used to be commonplace to go to church every Sunday and barely a soul grumbled about it.

Uzoma Asagwara,Nigerian-born woman becomes first queer black person to be elected into Canadian parliament.

Since the founding of Canadian province Manitoba 150 years ago, no Black person has ever been elected to the Manitoba Legislature. Last Tuesday, three Black people broke that jinx.

Black like jet, that’s South Sudanese model Nyakim Gatwech who was bullied for her skin colour

You might have heard of the phrase, “black like a jet” or the adjective “jet-black”, meaning as dark a black as possible.

Same-Sex Marriage Legalised And Abortion Decriminalised In Northern Ireland.

Same-Sex Marriage And Abortion To Finally Become Legal In Northern Ireland 
The complete U-turn in law comes as a result of backbench MPs tabling amendments to a routine Commons Bill on the governance of Northern Ireland. Labour MP Conor McGinn, who hails from County Armagh, proposed that Westminster legislate for same-sex marriage.

Couple gets four grandmothers as flower girls for wedding, photos go viral.

The Tennessee couple decided to have their grandmothers perform a task typically reserved for children. Newlyweds Lyndsey and Tanner Raby were more than happy to share the spotlight on their wedding day with their four respective grandmothers, who were also their flower girls.

School Coach Disarms Student With Gun Before Hugging Him.

Image result for School Coach Disarms Student With Gun Before Hugging Him
A high school football and track coach from the US disarmed a student carrying a gun, before giving him a hug.

PlayStation 5 Will Be Released In Time For Christmas 2020.

PlayStation 5 due Christmas 2020 
Gather your trade-ins, prepare your wallets: the PlayStation 5 will be hitting shelves next Christmas. The PlayStation 4 came out back in 2013.

Mum Shares Photos of Heroin And Meth Addict Son Just Seven Months Apart.

Mum Shares Photos of Heroin And Meth Addict Son Just Seven Months Apart
In a harrowing social media post, a mum has shared photos of her son before and after he became addicted to heroin and meth.

‘Skin Phone Case’ That Feels Like Real Human Flesh Responds To Your Touch.

'Skin Phone Case' That Feels Like Real Human Flesh Responds To Your Touch
For most of us, our smartphones may as well be part of our skin, they’re in our hands so much. So what would happen if they actually became flesh-like?.

Villagers Dig Up Newborn Baby After Parents Mistakenly Bury Him Alive.

Villagers Dig Up Newborn Baby After Parents Mistakenly Bury Him Alive 
Horrifying footage showing the moment two villagers dug up an abandoned newborn boy who was mistakenly buried alive has emerged, and it’s just as disturbing as you’d think.

Canadian Company Created An Invisibility Shield Called ‘Quantum Stealth.

A Canadian camouflage manufacturer has been taking grand steps towards making Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak a reality.

Mother comes up with horrific prank to teach children not to run with scissors

In life, there are certain rules children just have to learn. Respect your elders, don’t eat with your mouth full, and don’t run with scissors, to name a few.

School Asks Students To Wear Boxes On Heads To Stop Cheating

A school in India has been heavily criticised for making students sit an exam with cardboard boxes on their heads in a bizarre attempt to crack down on cheating.

11-year-old Nigerian Naomi Oloyede wows 200 global delegates at the Education for Justice in Austria

Children have a voice that is often overlooked but when close attention is paid to them, the world would realise the wealth of wisdom that resides in these little humans.

Black San Antonio woman gets $205,000 after a police officer pulled out her tampon in public.

A San Antonio woman, who alleged that a police officer removed her tampon in a vagina cavity examination in the full glare of male officers, will receive a $205,000 settlement. Natalie Simms, 40, argued in a lawsuit that the officer violated her rights during a cavity search for drugs on the street in 2016.

This painting by a Nigerian artist Ben Enwonwu sold for a whopping $1.4m thanks to Google search

A painting by a Nigerian artist has been sold for $1.4 million at an auction in London after the family who owned it googled the signature and realised its importance.

Kafayat Sanni; First female fighter pilot in Nigerian Air Force’s 55-year-history.

 Kafayat Sanni has etched her name in history, becoming Nigeria’s first female fighter pilot. Emerging as the overall best pilot at the Nigerian Air Force’s 401 training school in 2017, Sanni moved to the United States to train at the US Aviation Leadership program.

Nigerian-American teen Tobechukwu Phillips becomes first black valedictorian in Alvin High School’s 125 years history after earning 6.9 GPA.

A Nigerian teenager, Tobechukwu Phillips, has made history as the first African-American valedictorian in Alvin High School’s 125 years history.

‘It was too tight’ – A 12-year-old black student suspended from school for hugging a white teacher.

A 12-year-old black student in foster care has been suspended from school and accused of physical assault for hugging a teacher during gym class. The boy is a seventh-grader at the Forest Grove Middle School in Worcester.

Katie Price calls her kids UGLY in shocking mum debate on Loose Women.

The star who has made headlines following the news she is divorcing her third husband Kieran Hayler made the surprising claim as the panel discussed how to react when your child thinks they are ugly.

A movie company want to pay you €900 to watch Disney films for a month.

We thought we found dream jobs like cookie and ice cream tasters but this job just tops them all.

32-Year-Old Disguised as 81-Year-Old, With Fake Passport, Tries to Fly From India to New York.

A 32-year-old Indian man was arrested by authorities at the Indira Gandhi International Airport for impersonating an 81-year-old

​UK Barber Shop Gives Customers Free Haircut If They Beat Staff At FIFA.

A barbershop in Nottingham lets its customers put their fighting talk to the test, giving people the opportunity to win a free haircut with its 'double-or-nothing' challenge.

‘Mona Lisa’ Returned to Its Original Room at the Louvre.

After two months of renovations, the “Mona Lisa” returned to its original room, in the hall where other Renaissance paintings are displayed, on Oct.

Heartwarming moment girl bursts into tears as she's reunited with her lost teddy.

A ten-year-old girl burst into tears of joy after being reunited with her favourite teddy she thought she'd lost forever.

Kids Give Mom Sweet Surprise When She Finishes Her Dissertation.

Image result for Kids Give Mom Sweet Surprise When She Finishes Her Dissertation.
Right after Candace Hall turned in her dissertation, wrapping up her time as a student at Maryville University, she walked out to a sweet surprise.

Buckingham Palace Returns Lost Toy Monkey to Little Girl ⁠Along With New Friend.

When Harriet the toy monkey went missing from her tiny human, Savannah, during a recent trip to Buckingham Palace, the 5-year-old Australian was devastated.

How the Harlem Globetrotters’ famous 1948 win against the champion Lakers paved way for Blacks to play in the NBA

The Harlem Globetrotters, a predominantly black professional U.S. basketball team, is now remembered for its ball-handling, antics, tricks and entertainment.

Jason Weaver, voice of Lion King’s Simba shares story of how he declined $2m for eternal royalties.

It pays to have good counsel and even better to heed them. For American actor and singer Jason Weaver, he has his mum to thank for the steady cheque he receives since featuring in Walt Disney’s 1994 feature animation film ‘The Lion King.’

Baltimore man killed by white neighbour after court denies him protective order.

Friends and family in Baltimore are mourning the death of Tyrique Hudson, a 22-year-old software engineer who was gunned down by his white neighbour while leaving for work this month. Hudson, who had just earned a computer science degree at North Carolina University, had moved to his apartment complex outside of Baltimore to start his software engineer job at Northrop Grumman.

Family loses seven-year legal battle as loyal manservant inherits $24m estate from master after 30-year service.

At a will reading, every relative of the deceased present expects the lawyer to mention their name when the property is being distributed. For the family of Lord Glenconner, it came as a surprise when the lawyer allocated all his estates to his black manservant Kent Adonai.

Connecticut man jailed 27 years for crime he didn’t commit wins $1m for every year he was imprisoned.

A federal jury in Massachusetts has awarded $27 million to Mark Schand, a Connecticut man who spent 27 years in prison for a killing he maintains he didn’t commit. Schand spent 27 years behind bars trying to prove his innocence until his case caught the attention of a New-Jersey based ministry, which worked with his lawyers to free him from prison five years ago.

Florida woman goes all out in baby shoot with dissertation after completing her PhD.

Anyone would expect a baby reveal photoshoot to be of a real baby, but a Florida woman put her own spin to maternal baby shoots.

‘You should have caned them even more’ – Tanzania president John Magufuli endorses caning in schools.

At a time many African countries and governments are pushing for a departure from the use of canes as a correctional measure in schools across the continent, Tanzania’s President John Magufuli has absolutely no qualms in deploying canes in schools. Magufuli has backed a senior government official who caned a group of secondary school students, accused of charring their dormitories.