World’s Darkest Baby Turned 4 Years, And is Amazing How He Looks Now!

The name of the baby is Edam, born in South Africa. The dark nature of his skin made his country welcomed him in a state of astonishment, considering the majority of the people to be black, they were still amazed by the colour of this baby.
Our world is said to be filled with humans who have the same features and characters no matter the colour of the trait, but the fact is that there are some human beings that come to this world with distinguishing features that separate them from the rest of us to be unique. 
And not only that but their wondrous features assign the world to make news out of them every day. Some years back, in 2013, a face of a newborn baby with a dark complexion, extremely black, was published all over front pages of world newspapers and it went viral on the internet, especially through social media. As we know in several beliefs in African countries, many people still have the mind of the theological years as to question everything based on sorcery and black magic. 
These mark of infamy were about to fall on Edam, whose family rejected him at first to such an extent that they came out to deny him. His eye drops were also seen to be dark apart from his skin and this made him scarier to live with especially children. Aside from all these denials and disgraceful comment from his family, there were those who considered him as a national symbol and source of pride. There are also foreign eccentrics that travel that travel to South Africa only to meet the little boy who has been a tourist object to the world for four years. Happy birthday to the ASTONISHING dark boy.
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