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"Beyond disgusting" restaurant staff arrested after he was caught putting his private part in food meant for customers (video)

A Houston restaurant has released a statement after an employee was accused of sticking his genitals into open food items and possessing several videos of child pornography on his cellphone, according to charging documents.

Outrage as Hotel guests were served by a semi-naked woman covered in chocolate during the family buffet (photo)

An Italian hotel has been forced to apologise after a bikini-clad female employee was covered in chocolate and used as the centrepiece of a buffet. 

8-year-old boy survives two days in the wilderness by eating snow

An 8-year-old Wisconsin boy who went missing for two days while camping in Michigan with his family was found on Monday afternoon under a log by search party volunteers approximately two miles from his campsite, the state police said in a news release. 

A woman survives on candy and wine after being lost in the wilderness for 5 days

A woman is lucky to be alive after being stranded for five days in thick Australian bushland and surviving on some candy and a bottle of wine, police said. 

Dòdò Ìkirè is a traditional delicacy from Ikire in Osun State.

Another delicious Yoruba cuisine.It was originally made from leftover plantain but today, people prepare it from fresh ingredients which are: over-ripe plantains, pepper, oil and salt. Dòdò Ìkirè is black and round or conical in shape.

California restaurant, fed up with covid-19 restrictions, announces that it will serve food to only unvaccinated customers

A restaurant in California that has been defiant against COVID-19 restrictions for months is now displaying signs encouraging its customers to show "proof of unvaccinated."

Global brands unite to bash Weetabix for replacing beans and bread with beans and Weetabix

Global brands united on Twitter to bash Weetabix after the cereal brand suggested people replace bread with Weetabix when eating beans. 

Chocolate war: Ghana, Ivory Coast accuse U.S. chocolate giants of not paying fair bonus to cocoa farmers

Two of the world’s largest producers of cocoa, Ghana and Ivory Coast, have accused U.S. confectionary giants of avoiding paying a bonus that will help improve the economic fortunes of poor farmers.

Interesting facts about palm wine, the traditional drink of Seychelles you need to try

Palm wine is not your average wine. It is consumed by many African countries. Particularly, it is the traditional drink of Seychelles. Unlike other wines, palm wine is not made from grapes. As its name serves, it is made from the sap of palm trees.

Mum chokes to death after seeing how many Jaffa Cakes she could fit in her mouth.

A woman blacked out and stopped breathing as she tried to see how many Jaffa Cakes she could fit in her mouth for a party trick. Mother-of-one Bethan Gaskin got the snacks lodged in her throat as she desperately tried to spit them out.

UN relief cereal causes stir in Uganda as four die of suspected food poisoning.

An investigation has been launched by the World Food Programme and Ugandan government into deaths linked with the distribution of fortified porridge to refugees and people in the northeastern Karamoja region.

Chinese restaurant apologizes after it emerged that they weigh customers before they enter so they don't order too much

A Chinese restaurant has apologized after it came under fire for its controversial policy of weighing customers before they enter.

From creating the hijab-wearing Barbie to turning food into art, meet Haneefah Adam

She has been sculpting portraits of mouthwatering Nigerian delicacies and sharing it on her Instagram but she became famous in 2016 after winning the #TechMeetsArtNG exhibition, a culinary exhibition that explores the artistic presentation of some of Nigeria’s local meals. Her winning entry, pictured below, represents an African woman adorned in vibrant colors.

Drinking tea and coffee too hot doubles cancer risk.

Drinking piping hot tea or coffee could almost double the risk of developing cancer of the oesophagus, warns new research. Scalding water damages the lining of the mouth and throat which can fuel tumours, say, scientists. A study of more than 50,000 people found those who drank their cuppa at a temperature of 60 C (140 F) were 90% more likely to be struck down. This rose to 2.4 times among those who regularly drank it at 75 C (167F).

You can now buy an Easter egg with a whole bottle of unicorn gin inside it.

As an adult, Easter is still just as exciting as ever, because honestly who doesn't enjoy receiving a little chocolate? But you know what would make that chocolate even better? If it came with an entire bottle of gin. Thankfully, this is something that does actually exist and gin fans can get their hands on it right now.

Akara, the street snack for West Africans serving as food for the gods in Brazil

It will stun many that the bean cake called Akara among the Yoruba, kosai in Hausa, acarajé in Brazil, and kose in Ghana is not just street food, but also serves a religious function or better put serves as food for the gods.

9 Reasons Why Chocolate Is Good For Your Brain & Health.

Illustration (Africa Studio, ESB Professional/Shutterstock)
Happy “Chocolate” Day! You may not have heard people said that before, but chocolate has become one of the most important gifts for Valentine’s Day. Last year, we consumed four billion pounds of chocolate, which is the equivalent of four Yankee Stadiums filled with candy bars.

Marks & Spencer become first major UK retailer to let you bring reusable containers for food.

Marks&Spencer have become the first major UK retailer to allow customers to bring reusable containers for food-to-go.
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