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Italy's PM Giorgia Meloni tells mothers to return to the office; says if she can run the country with a seven-year-old daughter, so can they

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni has told mothers in Italy to return to the office, saying that if she can run the country with a seven-year-old daughter, so can they.

Five things to know about Amanda Gorman, the youngest poet to perform at a presidential inauguration

22-year-old Amanda Gorman is now the youngest poet to recite her original poem at a presidential inauguration and the sixth poet to perform at an inauguration following in the footsteps of other great poets like Maya Angelou and Robert Frost.

Inside Africa’s first mine where all workers are women

In mines across the world, men dominate the labour force. It is so because mining is labour-intensive and women are often thought of as not having the physical ability to mine. In mines where women are hired, more often than not, they do minor labour activities.

Born without arms, Mércia Viriato Lica became the youngest MP in Mozambique at 23

December 3 marks the annual observance of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. According to the UN, the day is set aside “to promote the rights and well-being of persons with disabilities in all spheres of society and development, and to increase awareness of the situation of persons with disabilities in every aspect of political, social, economic and cultural life.

Isaac Wright Jr., who reversed his wrongful conviction and became a lawyer, is running for NYC mayor

Isaac Wright Jr. was a convicted felon who learned the ropes of the legal system to free himself and became a lawyer in the process. He is the inspiration for ABC’s ‘For Life’. On Tuesday, December 1, Wright announced his candidacy to run for mayor as a Democrat in New York City.

Maya Angelou lashed out at 14-year-old girl for calling her by her first name.

“First I’m Ms. Angelou, I’m not Maya, I’m 62 years old. I have lived so long and tried so hard that a young woman like you or any other has no…you have no license to come up to me and call me by my first name.”

First Ever Black Woman Judge to Be Appointed in the State of Alaska.

In 2010, Pamela Scott Washington made history as the first Black woman to be appointed as a judge in Alaska.

After almost four years in prison, Keeda Haynes is running to be TN’s first black woman in Congress

In life, sometimes one must experience certain hardships to be a better advocate for those in similar situations. That is the story of Keeda Haynes who spent almost four years in prison for a crime she says she did not commit, to becoming a public defender who is now running for Congress in Tennessee. Should Haynes win the seat against the incumbent Re, Jim Cooper who has been running the show in Congress for the Democratic seat for almost two decades, she will be the first Black woman Tennessee will send to Congress.

Former FedEx receptionist becomes the company’s first black female CEO

Former FedEx receptionist becomes the company?s first black female CEO
FedEx has named its newest CEO and she's Ramon Hood, a woman who began as a receptionist at the same company. Today, Hood is the first Black woman to become CEO in the company’s history.

Meet the 8-year-old neuroscientist who teaches online from a lab in her bedroom.

Amoy Antunet got hooked on science at the age of three after coming across a microscope owned by her father, who was a college student. The young whiz kid from Atlanta, Georgia, soon became her father’s “study buddy.”

Meet Danielle Outlaw, the first black woman to lead the Philadelphia police.

Danielle Outlaw is the first Black woman to become Philadelphia’s new police commissioner.

Iqbal Masih died for children,for slaves whose voices are unheared.

Iqbal Masih
In the mid-1990s, a bright young youth made a global impact on child slavery.

100-Year-Old ‘Queen of Crocheting’ Sells Her Craft to Donate Thousands to Local Preschool.

(Facebook Video Screenshot | FOX 17)
An industrious 100-year-old woman named Erma Palmiter is raising money with a talent she’s been honing for 88 years.

Teacher Surprises Bullied Kindergartner by Cutting Her Long Hair to Look Just Like Her.

(Photo courtesy of Shannon Grimm)
Words cut deeper than any sword, especially when mocking goes too far. To show solidarity toward a student who was being teased for sporting short hair, a school teacher went the extra mile by cutting her own hair short.

Strangers Step Up to Offer Own Kidneys After Man’s Desperate Plea for His Sick Wife Goes Viral.

(Video Screenshot | CBS New York)
In hopes of saving his wife, who was suffering from kidney disease, this dedicated Brooklyn man turned himself into a human billboard.

Mexican Girl Who Became World’s Youngest Psychologist at 13 Enters Harvard at 17.

(Illustration - Shutterstock)

Meet Dafne Almazan, a Mexican girl who knew how to read and write at the mere age of 6 and completed high school at 10.

Dad Passes Out in Front Yard, Quick-Thinking 4th-Grade Son Performs CPR to Save His Life.

(Facebook | Hope Hersey)
Many people know how important CPR is, but it may be the case that only after a life has been saved through this method does the importance of CPR really sink in.

Customer Gives Waiter a Massive Tip and the Amount Leaves Him in Tears.

Jonny, a waiter at Don Pablo restaurant in Dallas, Texas, was left in happy tears when a patron he was attending to called him over for a quick chat.

New Jersey Father Hilariously Poses as a Mannequin to Surprise His Special-Needs Son.

(Illustration - Shutterstock)
A family indeed is not just an important thing; it is everything. They are the ones you share both joy and sorrow with, and thus you wouldn’t mind going the extra mile to see them happy.

‘World’s Heaviest Kid’ Loses Nearly 200Lbs in Crazy Transformation.

By the age of 10, Arya Permana was so obese he was unable to move from his bed and could barely stand without the aid of his parents.
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