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Fascinating things to know about the Samburu people of Kenya where men wear kilts like the Scottish.

The Samburu people of Kenya live a semi-nomadic life like the Maasai. Their survival depends on their livestock. The Samburu place a significant premium on their cattle, goats, sheep and camels and weave their life and culture around their livestock. 

Akpema, the initiation rites in Togo that prepare a girl from the age of 1 to womanhood

Akpema is the rite of passage for young maidens in the West African nation of Togo. It is held shortly after the initiation ceremony for boys which is known as Evala wrestling. Akpema is often held a week after Evala.

Discover the fascinating stories of the various types of drums in Africa.

Acrucial component of the rhythmic family of musical instruments is the drum. Drums are often battered with the hand, one or two sticks with or without padding, or both.

All about African greeting positions and how they are used

“What’s for breakfast this morning, I just woke up and I’m hungry.” One may get away with this statement early in the morning after waking up from bed in just about any home, but not African.

The powerful story behind the jazz funerals of New Orleans

New Orleans is the jazz mecca of the world. Since the 1800s when jazz music originated in gatherings by enslaved Blacks in Congo Square, an outdoor space in New Orleans, the art form has spread through every aspect of culture in the city.

10 important life lessons to learn from African hunters

African tribes have long been known for their hunting skills and deep connection with the natural world.

The story behind the helmet mask carved by men but worn by only women in Sierra Leone

One of the respected traditional symbols of the Mende people of the West African nation, Sierra Leone, in initiation ceremonies, is the helmet or sowei mask. 

“The Àjé (Iyami) represents the mystical powers of the woman in her most dangerous and destructive form.

The dance of the GELEDE is the expression of the guilty conscience of men, stemming from a time when the matriarchic society became patriarchic.

Iron Eben, the ceremonial sword that doesn’t cut but protects kings of Benin at public events

It’s a sword, but one that does not attack an enemy or find itself in physical battles. The Iron Eben, a flat iron leaf-shaped blade with a central rib flanked by triangular cut-outs, was introduced into the kingship of the Benin Kingdom during the Ogiso dynasty.

The Worship of Lizards and Their Ceremonial Burial by the Umu-Ukwa Tribe of Nigeria

It may appear bizarre or probably mysterious to some, that a puny reptile such as the monitor lizard is deified and revered. But not for the Umu-Ukwa tribe of Nigeria.

This is why Nigeria’s Yoruba palaces have uniquely designed courtyards for their kings.

The Royal palaces of one of the largest ethnic groups in Nigeria, Yoruba, are noted for their unique architecture. The royal courtyards of the kings of Yoruba depict the political authority, religious values and social life of the ethnic group.

Fattening room culture among Kalabari, Efik, and Ibibio clans of Nigeria.

The fattening practice is a rite of passage of the Kalabari, Efik, and Ibibio clans of Nigeria. It is an initiation ceremony that prepares the maiden to be an elegant and cultured woman.

kneeling and prostrating in Yoruba culture is deeper than respect for elders-Ayomitidipupo

The act of Kneeling in Yoruba is IKUNLE which means to fill the earth.


Baba Araba Ifayemi Elebuibon and others have spoken correctly that in the ancient days, you put two to three and visit the priest for divination

Judging people has gotten a bad rep - Àdísà

Judging people has gotten a bad rep. When thinking of being judged or judging someone, we typically view something done as an act of shaming.

Profound Meaning Of Yoruba Surnames (Learn Yours Now!) - Daniel Ayodele Adeniran

There are many Yoruba names whose meanings are now lost due to the fact that the words forming the roots of those words are no longer in use.

Odu Iwori : A woman can pray and touch her ifa when on her period - Popoola Owomide Ifagbenusola

It's high time people knew that women's monthly period is not a sign of dirtiness or something forbidden but a sign of hope and strength according to Ifa.

Ìṣẹ̀ṣe is your spirituality no need to be afraid.

Who taught you to be afraid of your Ìṣẹ̀ṣe spirituality?

Obatala : The Golden Chain - David A. Anderson

Long ago, well before there were any people, all life existed in the sky.


To be Punctual means to do something at the agreed or proper time" ~Oxford Dictionary. One of the reasons why some are not enjoying the goodness of ORÍ is because they are not willing to use their energies wisely.
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