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First female transgender mosque opens in Bangladesh

The world's first female transgender mosque has reportedly opened in Bangladesh. In the video shared by DW, some of the worshippers who transitioned from being males to females were seen observing the Muslim prayers.

Church members crawl under the pastor to cross over into a prosperous 2024 (video)

A video of church members taking turns to crawl under a pastor's raised leg has sparked a heated debate. 

'suck my tongue' Dalai Lama was only showing his 'innocent grandfatherly affectionate demeanour' - head of Tibet's exiled government insists

The head of Tibet's government-in-exile has insisted that the Dalai Lama was only showing his 'innocent grandfatherly affectionate demeanour' in a video where he asked a young boy to suck his tongue.

''God is neither male nor female" - Church of England considers gender-neutral terms to refer to God

The Church of England has announced it will look into the use of gender-neutral terms to refer to God in prayers.

Mother of 6 dumps husband of 20 years to marry the 'Holy Spirit,' goes to Uganda for the honeymoon (photos)

A Kenyan woman, Elizabeth Nalem last week shocked her countrymen by ending her 20-year-marriage to “marry” the Holy Spirit. 

Man celebrates his mother who became a nun after having 10 children

An American man has celebrated his mother who became a nun after having 10 children.@4T9NER who disclosed that his mother grew up in San Francisco and Oregon and went to school in California and New York, revealed that she got married at the age of 20.

Court papers reveal former Catholic Archbishop, Theodore McCarrick took down pants of a boy, 14, held and kissed his genitalia, and said prayers ''to make me feel holy'

Former Roman Catholic Church Cardinal, Theodore McCarrick, who was defrocked by The Vatican in 2019 over sex abuse allegations, is now facing criminal charges in Massachusetts for alleged sex abuse of a minor nearly 50 years ago, according to a new court filing in Dedham District Court, Massachusetts.

Teen girl was beaten to death by her religious family members because she wore jeans

A teenage girl has been beaten to death by her family members simply because she wore jeans, her mother claimed. Neha Paswan, 17, was killed in Uttar Pradesh, India.

Boy, 8, faces the death penalty under blasphemy laws for peeing on himself in a religious library

An eight-year-old Hindu boy is being held in protective police custody in Pakistan after being accused of intentionally wetting himself in a religious library.

44 people crushed to death, over 150 hurt after a stampede at religious bonfire festival in Israel

At least 44 people were crushed to death and more than 150 people injured in a stampede after midnight Thursday, April 29, at a religious bonfire festival in Israel.

Donnie McClurkin says he'll likely be alone forever because of his sexuality

Gospel singer, Donnie McClurkin, is opening up yet again about his sexuality. Speaking in a recent TV One’s Uncensored episode, he said he has had relationships with men and women and fears he may end up alone for the rest of his life.

Saudi Arabia bans child marriages

The Saudi Arabia Ministry of Justice has banned the marriage of persons under 18 years. It also set 18 years as the minimum age for marriage.

My ancestors are Igbo, Bishop T.D Jakes reveals

A popular American preacher, Bishop T.D Jakes of the Potter’s House, has said that his ancestors are Igbo, from South-East of Nigeria. He said this in an interview with BBC Igbo. According to him: “Mine was traced back to West Africa, to Nigeria and particularly Igbo.

The Brazilian church that became one of the biggest, yet most problematic in Africa

The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (UCKG) is under pressure from the Angolan government to close its places of worship in the country after the church was accused of fiscal crimes.

‘If they come up with a vaccine, be careful’ – Louis Farrakhan to Black people amid Covid-19

Minister Louis Farrakhan, the leader of The Nation Of Islam, has urged Black people to be cautious of any future coronavirus vaccine as he claims America has a record of not being trustworthy when it comes to the health of non-white citizens. The 87-year-old gave this warning on the 4th of July holiday while delivering his long-awaited speech titled “The Criterion.”

Baby Jesus statue 'cries tears of blood' and locals think it's message from God.

An unnamed priest in Tambuco said that representatives of the Catholic Church will investigate the claims to make sure that no one is taking advantage of devotees.

Don’t stop tithing even if you lose your job due to coronavirus – Televangelist Copeland

Kenneth Copeland, an American Televangelist may have just sparked controversy after he made a comment about what Christians must do in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. The multimillionaire televangelist told his viewers not to stop paying their tithes and sowing seeds even if they lose their jobs because of coronavirus.

27 dead; 18 hospitalized after Pastor makes them drink jik in church!

Zambian media has reported that 27 people have been confirmed dead after drinking jik during a deliverance service last Sunday. 

Nigerian Pastor announces plans to go and deal with Coronavirus in China (video)

Who could have thought that the world has been battling needlessly to fight the deadly Coronavirus (Covid-19) when Nigeria already has a prophet that would save us the trouble?

Photos: Pastor Tells Congregation To Kiss Random Neighbors During Service

Another day, another buffoonery being perpetuated in Christendom has been recorded. One unnamed South African pastor has surprised netizens when he instructed his congregants to kiss one another indiscriminately in church. 
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