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Conjoined twins who share a vagina but have different sexual orientation reveal the 'uncomfortable' truth about their lives

A pair of conjoined twins have answered questions about their sex lives after revealing that one of them is straight and the other is a lesbian.

Woman with world's longest legs reveals dating struggles

A Texas woman who has the world’s longest legs says there are serious setbacks to being super tall.

WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange faces 'a living death sentence' of 175 years in a concrete coffin cell.

Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange’s fight to evade extradition from Britain to the United States might be coming to an end soon, after years of legal challenges.

Saudi Arabia to allow sale of alcohol to non-Muslim diplomats

The Saudi Arabian Government has reportedly agreed to allow the sale of alcohol to non-Muslim diplomats for the first time. Two sources familiar with the plan told AFP that Alcohol “will be sold to non-Muslim diplomats” who previously had to import alcohol via a diplomatic pouch.

Man continues to party for four days without realizing he had been shot in the head leaving a bullet lodged in his brain (Photos)

A Brazilian student continued to party for four days without realizing he had been shot in the head, leaving a bullet lodged in his brain. Mateus Facio, 21, thought he had been hit in the head by someone throwing a stone while he was partying on New Year's Eve in Rio de Janeiro and didn't think it was major after the bleeding stopped quickly.

Women who identify as animals, bark and nearly att@ck each other ( Video)

A video of women barking like dogs has been shared online. The video shared by journalist, Mario Nawfal, shows a beautiful woman on all fours barking as she approaches another woman on all fours.

Man grows giant boobs after being sucked for milk by a giant snake each night

In what seems to be a stranger-than-fiction development, local news platforms in Zimbabwe have reported that a man from Cross Dete in Hwange District has developed unusually large breasts after being milked every night by a mysterious creature believed to be a snake. 

Humans who identify as dogs gather to advocate for their rights to be trans-species (video)

Hundreds of humans who identify as dogs gathered in a city center in Germany to advocate for their rights. Around 1,000 “trans-species” activists met up last week at the Berlin Potsdamer Platz railway station in the German capital.

A newly appointed Magistrate was arrested for disguising as a woman to write Law exams for his girlfriend in Uganda

A newly appointed Magistrate, Ammaari Musa Semwogerere has been arrested and sacked for disguising as a woman to sit for exams for his girlfriend at the Law Development Centre (LDC) Lira, Uganda. 

Mom begs for advice on how to tell her 30-year-old daughter that her brother is actually her father.

A confused mother is asking for advice to tell her 30-year-old daughter that her brother is actually her father. According to Mail Online, the anonymous woman wrote in The Atlantic's Dear Therapist column to disclose the bizarre situation.

Bill Gates's private office asked female job candidates about p0rn and s3xual histories, new report claims

Bill Gates’s private office reportedly asked some female job candidates about their sexual histories including what kind of pornography they liked, whether they ever had extramarital affairs and even if they had nude pictures of themselves on their phones.

Japanese students attend £45 smiling lessons after years of wearing Covid masks (photos)

Students in Japan have been undergoing 'smile education' to relearn their social cues after years of wearing masks against Covid. 

A one-year-old girl with an enlarged head has twin foetus removed from her skull (graphic photo)

A one-year-old who had an enlarged head has undergone surgery to remove the foetus of her identical twin from her skull.

Baby born in February with a heart-shaped red birthmark on her tummy

A baby born in February, the month of Love, was delivered with a heart-shaped red birthmark that left midwives shocked. 

Ever heard of the Tata Gonda religious sect that wears sackcloth and ashes?

One way or the other, everyone has the desire to ensure that justice prevails or that the world as it is seen is held to some “good-like standard”. If not the desire at least at one point in time people wish for the very unjust world to have a semblance of justice.

Louisiana woman allegedly stabs boyfriend after he wet the bed while asleep

A woman in East Baton Rouge, Louisiana, has been charged with attempted murder after she allegedly stabbed her boyfriend when he urinated in their bed.

British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak fined for failing to wear a seatbelt in social media video

UK's prime minister, Rishi Sunak has been fined by Lancashire Police for failing to wear a seatbelt while filming a social media clip in the back of a moving car. 

Student protester who 'threw four eggs at King Charles' pleads not guilty to threatening behaviour

An extinction Rebellion protester who allegedly threw eggs at the King during a visit to York has pleaded not guilty to threatening behaviour.

Meghan Markle reveals she uncovered Nigerian roots after taking genealogy test (listen)

Meghan Markle has revealed that she is 43% Nigerian. The Duchess of Sussex disclosed this on the latest episode of her podcast, Archetypes.

Woman wins $10Million lottery after 'rude person' bumped into her and made her press a different button

A woman who accidentally pressed a different button on a lottery vending machine when someone bumped into her ended up winning $10million.
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