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UK doctors successfully carry out first womb transplant

Surgeons have performed the UK’s first womb transplant, signalling a new future for childbirth. According to surgeons at the Oxford Transplant Centre, a 34-year-old woman received a womb from her 40-year-old sister, who has two children of her own. 

Pig heart transplanted into American man in breakthrough surgery

Surgeons at the University of Maryland Medical Center have performed the first-of-its-kind procedure on a Maryland resident identified as David Bennett.

World's most premature baby born at 5 months celebrates his first birthday despite having 0% odds of surviving

A baby born at 5 months weighing less than a pound has beaten the odds and just celebrated his first birthday. 

US scientist, Andrew Brooks, who led development of the use of saliva for covid-19 test, dies at 51

A research professor at Rutgers University, Andrew Brooks, who led the development of the first FDA-approved Covid-19 saliva test, died suddenly on January 23, according to a Monday, February 1 statement by the university.

George Carruthers, the inventor whose camera took the first images of space

“He will be remembered as an amazing scientist, engineer, professor, and mentor.” Those were the words of the National Society of Black Physicists (NSP) when it announced the death of its member Dr George R. Carruthers, who passed away December 26 at a Washington hospital.

A look at the first criminal trial which used fingerprints as evidence

Thomas Jennings had gotten out of jail not too long ago when he invaded the home of Clarence Hiller on the night of September 19, 1910. Hiller was the chief clerk in the freight department of the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad.

The overlooked Black cowboy whose discovery changed the field of archaeology

Before the 1920s, there was no general agreement on how long humans had been in the Americas. Many historians believed that humans had been in the region for only about 4,000 years but thanks to a game-changing discovery in 1908 by Black cowboy George McJunkin, scholars were able to place mankind in North America almost 7,000 years earlier than previously thought.

Conjoined twins discharged from hospital after successful separation

A pair of formerly conjoined twins were discharged from HCMC Children's Hospital in Vietnam on Wednesday morning, 7 October, 85 days after their separation.16 months old Hoang Truc Nhi and Hoang Dieu Nhi were decked in matching pink alongside their parents during the farewell ceremony held in the hospital.

South African doctors perform world’s first 3D middle ear transplant.

South African surgeons have made another surgical history by performing the world’s first transplant of middle-ear bones using 3D printed components. The groundbreaking surgery, performed at Steve Biko Academic Hospital on Wednesday, may enable a 40-year-old man to hear better after damaging his middle ear bone in an injury.

The Boeing 737 Max 8 crashes and controversy, explained.

The second deadly crash of a Boeing 737 Max model aeroplane within months of the first has put flyers around the world on edge. Multiple countries have grounded the planes as a result, including, after coming under pressure, the United States.

Huge METEOR exploded over Earth with 10 times the energy of Hiroshima atomic bomb

An enormous meteor has exploded in Earth’s atmosphere with 10 times the energy of the Hiroshima atomic bomb.

Patricia Cowings: the woman helping astronauts combat space sickness

NASA psychophysiologist, Dr. Patricia Cowings, was the first American woman to be trained as a scientist-astronaut. She designed a program to help astronauts combat space sickness. Also, Cowings helps astronauts better adapt to space by studying the effects of gravity on human physiology and performance. In 1979, she was an alternate for a space flight. Cowings never made it to space but she has spent her 34-year career at NASA making life better for those who go there.

'Time Traveller' Knows Who Will Be President In The Year 2045.

In these testing times, a lot of people are looking for a bit of guidance. Which is why we're thankful that 'time traveller' Adam Archon has come all the way back from 2045 to give us a bit of insight into what we have in store - all while hooked up to a totally legit lie detector. Yes, this sounds plausible.

Dog company asks for £1million donation to help train dogs to 'smell Coronavirus'

A dog training company, Medical Detection Dogs, which does pioneering work in cancer research and diabetes detection has opened a fundraising page to ask for £1million so it can train dogs to learn the smell of COVID-19, thereby reducing the number of people who have to use test kits.

Coronavirus pandemic and mental health: How we can help people in quarantine

No part of the world can any longer claim to be completely safe from the coronavirus outbreak that has now spread to 77 countries, infecting over 90,000 people in a span of just three months. As on March 4, more than 3,198 people had died due to Covid-19 (the disease caused by this variant of the coronavirus).

Viruses: their extraordinary role in shaping human evolution

Viruses give us infections from the common cold to COVID-19 and AIDS. But research shows that they may also have played a key role in shaping the evolution of Homo sapiens. Coronavirus, Zika, Ebola, flu, even the boring old common cold we’re all familiar with the viruses that plague humanity. But while we know they make us sick, it may be surprising to discover that, over millions of years, we’ve managed to harness and domesticate these crafty invaders.

Archaeologists piece together a giant statue of Ramses II uncovered near a 2,000-year-old tomb of an Egyptian official.

Archaeologists have pieced together 70 broken shards to restore a statue of Ramses II in the Sohag region of Egypt.

11-Year-Old Astrophysics Genius ‘Proves’ Stephen Hawking Wrong.

William Maillis is literally a “genius.” By the time he was only 7 months old, he was already speaking in full sentences. Just before his second birthday, he was adding numbers, and by age 2, he was multiplying them. Now, Maillis is 11 years old, and he enrolled at Carnegie Mellon University last fall with his sights set on becoming an astrophysicist.

Hairy male donor hands stun docs by growing lighter and hairless to match female amputee.

DOCTORS have been left baffled after an amputee's new hands miraculously changed to blend in with her body. Shreya Siddanagowder didn't hesitate when she was offered new hands even though they were big, dark and hairy, and once belonged to a man.

History-making Astronaut, Christina Koch returns to earth after 328 days (Video)

Record-breaking NASA astronaut, Christina Koch has returned to Earth today, February 6, 2020, after spending 328 days in space. This is the longest single spaceflight by any woman. Astronaut Christina Koch returned to Earth alongside European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Luca Parmitano and Russian cosmonaut Alexander Skvortsov. 
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