Groom calls off wedding after the bride's family didn't prepare the dish he wanted, marries another woman the same day!

A man in India reportedly called off his wedding just before the ceremony was due to take place after he discovered that the bride's family failed to prepare a dish he had wanted.

Photo of the holy tree which has visible 'female and male sexual organs and reportedly mends marriages'

A photo of a holy tree in Murang’a, Kenya which has visible female and male sexual organs has gone viral after being shared online.

Bill Gates blames himself as he opens up about divorce

Bill Gates blamed himself for "messing up" as he opened up about his messy divorce.

A student with the 'biggest lips in the world' plans to have more filler despite family hating her look

A student, who claims to have the "largest lips in the world" after having lip fillers, has revealed that she plans on having more surgery. 

Boys wear skirts to school in protest after being told they can’t wear shorts in the heatwave.

A group of schoolboys who were banned from wearing shorts to school during the heatwave has protested by going to school in skirts. adds over 300 new words to the website, including 'Zaddy', 'Y'all', 'Asshat' has added more than 300 new words to its website, including terms originating from meme culture, social justice movements, and slang. 

Baby girl rescued after floating a mile out to sea on rubber ring on Tunisia beach (video)

A baby girl has been rescued after floating nearly a mile out to sea on a rubber ring off the coast of Tunisia.

US sues Amazon for selling dangerous products to customers

The United States has filed a lawsuit against the world's number one online retailer, Amazon accusing the e-commerce giants of selling hazardous products to its customers. 

Supermodel Naomi Campbell, 50, is seen in public with her newborn daughter for the first time (photos)

Naomi Campbell has been spotted in public with her newborn daughter for the first time. 

Mourners stunned as 'corpse' in the coffin comes back to life moments before the funeral (video)

A "dead" man was seen breathing when his coffin was opened at his funeral just before he was to be buried.
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