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Goat 'arrested' for attacking dog and primary school pupils in South Africa

A male goat identified as Akmed, was forcefully removed from a home in Mt View - Verulam in KZN, South Africa after it attacked a dog and a group of pupils.

Lions have it on top of Safari truck full of people

Two lions have been captured on video having s3x on top of a tourist safari truck which had people in it. 

Elderly mum leaving $2.8M inheritance to pets after kids didn’t visit when she was sick.

An elderly woman has decided to leave her $2.8 million fortune to her pets, claiming they've been her only comfort in her old age. The woman from Shanghai, known only as Ms Liu, cut her three children out of her will because they didn't visit or care for her, according to The South China Morning Post.

Couple rummage through dog's poop to recover money after it ate their $4,000

A couple has been left sifting through the poo of their dog after it ate $4,000 (£3,150) in cash. 

Man gets turned away from a baseball game after arriving with ‘emotional support alligator’

A baseball fan was turned away after taking his emotional support alligator to a game.

Chinese zoo denies its sun bears are humans dressed in costumes (photos)

A zoo in eastern China has been forced to deny suggestions that some of its bears are actually humans in costume after images of one of the animals standing up in its enclosure surfaced online.

Doctors remove the octopus from the patient’s throat (photos)

Doctors were shocked after discovering that a man’s throat discomfort was caused by an eight-legged octopus that had become stuck in his gullet.

Researchers are stunned as a virgin crocodile makes herself pregnant.

Researchers have identified the first known case of a crocodile making herself pregnant and producing a fetus that was genetically identical to herself. 

A man wakes to find his puppy has chewed his big toe to the bone but it saved his life

A UK man woke to discover that his dog had chewed his big toe to the bones, only to find later that his dog’s action might have saved his life.

Man dies after being attacked by a chicken that left him in a pool of blood

A man died after an aggressive chicken which had previously attacked his granddaughter attacked him too.

Camel ''bites off its owner's head'' in India.

A camel was beaten to death by angry villagers after it reportedly decapitated its owner in India.

A man obsessed with spiders gives his 120 spiders a bedroom of their own (photos)

A spider-obsessed man has 120 pet spiders who have their own bedroom in his home.

'Hank the tank' a 500 pound bear that barges into people's homes ,eats their food declared wanted by US police (photos)

US police are on the hunt for 'Hank the tank' a massive black bear that has broken into dozens of homes in a Lake Tahoe neighborhood to eat food since last summer. 

Mutant goat born with eyes in the middle of forehead baffles locals

A mutant goat with eyes in the middle of its forehead has been found on a Turkish farm.

Teenager who fought off bear to save her dogs reveals what motivated her (video)

A teenager who became an overnight sensation after she fought off a bear to save her dogs has revealed what pushed her to make the daring move.

Lobster diver survives after being swallowed by a humpback whale

A professional lobster diver who was swallowed by a humpback whale off the coast of Cape Cod, survived the scary incident after the mammal spat him back out.

Chihuahua tears off woman's entire eyelid as she gets lashes done for her birthday (photos)

A woman who went to get her eyelashes done left the salon bleeding after the lash technician's dog bit off her entire eyelid.

Bear kills and eats 16-year-old boy after attacking tourist group in Russian national park (photos)

A brown bear has eaten and killed a 16-year-old boy at a Russian national park. The bear attacked the boy at the Ergaki National Park in the Sayan Mountains before it was stabbed in the neck with a penknife by a tourist who was also attacked by the predator. 

Cat that's so big people mistake it for a dog (photos)

Yulia Minina, a woman who lives in the Russian town of Stary Oskol has shared photos of her big cat, that most times gets mistaken for a dog.

Family dog fatally bites 14day old baby on the head 23 times after mum fell asleep on sofa

A newborn baby boy was bitten to death by a family dog after his mum fell asleep on the sofa and his dad went outside for a cigarette, it has been revealed.
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