Boy Who Was Abandoned by His Father at 5 Turns Out to be the Lawyer Who Saved Him at 25.

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A young Twitter user, Kamohelo Mokoena (@therealKamza), recently shared his moving story on social media.
The young man who is a lawyer in South Africa revealed how he was abandoned by his father at the age of 5, but that did not stop him from surpassing himself to succeed in life.20 years later, his father was in trouble and was sued. He unwittingly approached the son he abandoned to represent him as his lawyer at court. His father realized that it was his son he approached, and he was so ashamed he could not look him in the eyes. Kamza reveals that he was overwhelmed with great emotion considering the past behaviour of his father, but profession obliges, he defended his father and won the case. According to him, after the case was won, his father who had abandoned him hugged him and told him he was proud of him. In the place of the son, what would you have done? Represent your father or give up the case?