STUNNING photos of Vienna’s Opera ball.

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Meet the brave Indian-American teacher whose quick thinking saved many lives in Florida school shooting.

As gunshots rambled throughout the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, an Indian-America teacher heroically saved her class from coming into the crosshairs of shooter Nikolas Cruz.

Florida school shooting survivors call for tougher gun laws.

Survivors of a deadly shooting at a Florida high school that killed 17 students and teachers have called for tougher gun laws in the country and urged voters to kick out lawmakers who oppose the move, the media reported.

Texas school asks 12-yr-old students to ‘DRAW YOURSELF as A SLAVE’ in a homework assignment.

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A 12-year-old girl’s parents were dazed after seeing the question she was expected to answer in the homework assignment she received from the school in Texas, US.

Some of life’s biggest questions!

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No matter how well-read you are or how much you claim to know there will always be certain inexplicable questions whose answers you wouldn't know.

Are you a bibliophile? You’ll love these beautiful libraries around the world.

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Ask any bibliophile what is their favourite place on earth and, in most cases, the immediate and prompt reply would be a library.

6 ‘truths’ about epilepsy that are actually total myths.


WOULD YOU KNOW what to do if you witnessed someone having a seizure? The 9th of February yearly marks International Epilepsy Day, an event which aims to promote epilepsy awareness around the world in more than 120 countries, increasing the visibility of epilepsy and helping the general public to understand more about an often hidden condition.

Former student (19) arrested after 17 killed in Florida school shooting.

School Shooting Florida
It has been confirmed that 17 have died in the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida. 

Remains of French nine-year-old who disappeared at wedding in August found.

FRENCH POLICE HAVE found the remains of a nine-year-old French schoolgirl who vanished from a wedding in the Alps last August in a case that gripped the country, a prosecutor has said.

Parents whose son missed 243 days of school in 3 years fail to turn up to court.

A FATHER AND mother are facing a jail sentence and a fine after a judge heard their child missed at least 243 days of primary school over a three-year period.

Olympian goof-up! Norwegian team’s translation mess-up leaves them with 15,000 eggs!

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Haven’t most of us at some point or the other used Google Translate to understand some text that is written in a different language?

A rare lunar trilogy occurred on 31st January; Super moon, Blue moon and lunar eclipse.

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For the first time in 152 years, three lunar events coincided with each other on the night of January

Super blue blood moon 2018 - gallery.

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Many parts of the globe caught a glimpse of the moon as a giant crimson globe, thanks to a rare lunar trifecta that combines a total eclipse with a blue moon and super moon.

Giving up smoking? Most effective method makes it three and half times more likely for you to quit.

ON THE WARDS of Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin last winter, I was asked to review a nine-month-old boy admitted for the fourth time with a respiratory illness.

Ever seen frozen eyelashes? Photos of the coldest village with -62°C temperature will send shivers down your spine.

Do you feel like hiding under multiple layers of your blanket during winters? If 10 degree Celsius sounds daunting, can you imagine how people survive in the coldest village of the world where the temperature drops to almost -62 degree Celsius?

The magic of snowfall in Tokyo: These pictures will make you fall in love with winters.

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Winters bring a whiff of ice-cold air, and leave you shivering and curling in warm, fluffy blankets.

It’s snowing in Saudi Arabia’s deserts!

With every passing day, the impact of climate change is increasing. 

Believe it or not, there was a ‘riot’ in France over NUTELLA.

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What is the one food item that comes to mind which people often fight over? At least 9 out of 10 times, it is biryani.

Growing Up With Siblings: 20 hilarious memes that sum up the love-hate relationship.

Jealousy,attention-seeking tactics, competitive spirit, personality clashes or cold wars if you had a sibling at home, it would have been totally normal to have grown up with these mini-battles during your childhood!

9-yr-old girl dresses up like Michelle Obama; gets an A+ from her hero for school project.

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While growing up, most of us have to tackle many tedious school projects. But if you’re a nine-year-old who has just had her project graded an A+ by none other than former US first lady Michelle Obama, then nothing can beat that high, making all that effort just worth it.

This little girl is crying because she can’t STOP dreaming about WAFFLES!

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If you love your food, then it’s quite you think and dreams about your favourites fairly often.