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kiddiespost:Kids who do 'floss' dance given detention by school.

Can you 'floss'?First came the 'dab', then the 'mannequin challenge', but the latest hit dance craze is the 'floss'.The quirky dance originated in America but has now become a sensation on school playgrounds worldwide - even footballers are giving it a go. It involves moving your arms from side-to-side, moving one behind your back as if you are flossing, before switching sides. However, not everyone seems to think the childish dance is all fun and games, as one mum has discovered. A parent has taken to Mumsnet to share her frustration at learning her son's school is handing out punishments to anyone caught 'flossing'.Going by the username, purple shimmer, the mum said: "I've just been reading on my Facebook and it seems my child's school has decided to give out detentions to any child caught doing the floss dance or any other dance from the Fortnite game."How bloody silly is this? Fair enough if the kids are doing it in class but detentions are being given out to anyone doing it at any time! Seriously??"The mum admitted that her son is always doing the dance at home and that she had even tried (and failed) to do it herself."The world has gone mad," she added. "There's nothing harmful in it whatsoever... but because it's from a game that isn't 'age appropriate' it is being banned in school."
Other mums were equally shocked by the school's decision to hand out detentions. One said: "It does seem to irritate adults (including me) a lot."But I can't see a good reason for banning it during breaks and lunchtime, so detention for doing it any time does seem, on the face of it, unreasonable."Another wrote: "I think it's a bit daft to give detention for it if it's being done at playtime - who does it hurt, after all?"A third commented: "They should not be doing it in class or on way to class or dinner queues, but detention for playing at playtime seems harsh."
However, not everyone was in agreement. Lots of users thought the dance was rather annoying and encouraged the ban."I don't blame them," read a comment. "It's infuriating when they're jiggling about doing it and not listening or doing what they've been asked."A dance teacher chipped in to say she had also banned it at her classes: "I have banned it at dance class too, it's annoying! They look like they have ants in their pants."Nothing worse than trying to get the attention of a whole class of kids and one of them is frantically twitching and flinging their arms around - no way are they listening at the same time."
Lots of users thought the dance was rather annoying and encouraged the ban.

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kiddiespost:Female Saudi singer goes viral with incredible RAP video from the seat of her car .

A female singer in Saudi Arabia has recorded a hilarious rap song from the seat of her car to celebrate the end of the country's driving ban for women
A female singer in Saudi Arabia has recorded a hilarious rap song from the seat of her car to celebrate the end of the country's driving ban for women. The rap song, entitled We Are Driving, has gone viral and shows singer Leesa A rapping while she takes the steering wheel, sits on the bonnet and pokes her head through the sun roof. In the video, she says she has 'no need for taxis' with the driving ban lifted and says she can drive herself for the first time.  It came after a Saudi TV presenter fled the country when an investigation was launched into claims she had violated the kingdom's dress code for women.
The rap song, entitled We Are Driving, has gone viral and shows singer Leesa A rapping while she takes the steering wheel, sits on the bonnet and pokes her head through the sun roof
The longstanding ban on women driving in the conservative Muslim kingdom was lifted this month in a move announced last September which finally took effect on Sunday. In the rap video the singer offers advice to other female motorists, stressing the importance of wearing a seatbelt, Gulf News reported. She sings: Don't forget that today is the tenth day [in the Islamic calendar] and this means no need for taxis. 'I am not kidding, today I can [drive] myself.'   According to the BBC, she went on: 'I don't need anyone to take me... Drivers' licence with me.  
In the video she says she has 'no need for taxis' with the driving ban lifted and says she can drive herself for the first time
'The steering wheel in my hands, the pedal under my foot... I put the seat belt over my abaya [robe].' The video has been watched almost half a million times on her YouTube channel and over a million times on Instagram. One Twitter user wrote in support, saying: 'Saudi Arabia gave women permission to drive and this is the first thing they do.'  It came after Shereen Al-Rifaie was accused of recording a segment on women finally being allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia in an outfit deemed 'indecent' by the Saudi General Commission for Audiovisual Media. The presenter wore a white abaya - a traditional Muslim robe-like dress - which opened to reveal white trousers and a top underneath in the TV segment. Her hair was somewhat covered by a loose white scarf, but her dark locks could be seen by her hairline and flowing down her back. 
Fleeing the country: Shereen Al-Rifaie has reportedly fled Saudi Arabia after an investigation was launched into the clothes she is seen wearing in this clip
In a Twitter post, the Commission said they had launched an investigation after the video clip of Ms Al-Rifaie had been shared on social media. They said the clip of her news report had shown her 'wearing indecent clothes, in violation of regulations and instructions. As the news of the investigation broke, Ms Al-Rifaie posted a photo of a plane ticket and her passport on Snapchat, local news website reports, indicating that she had left the country. Saudi Arabia has a legally imposed dress code, and all women, foreign and local, are required wear an abaya in public. Muslim women must also wear a headscarf – or hijab – to cover their hair, but foreigners are not legally required to do so. While it is not ordered by the state, many Saudi women also choose to cover their face with a burqa or niqab.
Safe choice: The TV presenter posted a picture of a plane ticket and her passport on Snapchat after news broke of the investigationInvestigation: The outfit Ms Al-Rifaie's wore during the news report was deemed 'indecent' by the Saudi General Commission for Audiovisual Media

kiddiespost:3 babies among 100 dead off Libya as Europe hails new deal.

Members of the Libyan security forces carry the body of a baby ashore east of the capital Tripoli.
The lifeless bodies of three babies, dressed in bright coloured clothing and looking almost as if they were sleeping, were carried carefully ashore Friday in Libya. Held in the outstretched arms of three men close to the water's edge, one of the babies was still wearing sneakers, fastened shut with pink Velcro straps, another with red socks that matched a pair of red and white dotted pants and the third barefoot, partially wrapped with a makeshift covering.
The three babies were among dozens of people on a rubber boat.
They were the latest victims of the migrant crisis, their young lives lost as a rubber boat carrying desperate migrants seeking a better life capsized off the north Africa nation's coast. A hundred or more people are dead, a spokesman for the UN migration agency, the International Organization for Migration, said in a tweet. The news came just hours after European Union leaders hailed a new deal on migration that could see more migrants prevented from making the Mediterranean crossing -- if it can be made to work. Hundreds of people have already lost their lives this year attempting the perilous Mediterranean crossing, according to the IOM.
A man carries the body of one of the three babies.
Meanwhile, EU leaders have squabbled over taking responsibility for migrants rescued at sea and vowed to strengthen Europe's external borders. Only 14 migrants had been rescued after the boat capsized Friday, the IOM said, as the rescue operation was ongoing.
Survivors arrive on shore as two men hold the body of one of the three babies.
"The bodies of three children under the age of five have been retrieved. How many missing or dead total, we don't know for now," IOM spokeswoman for Libya, Christine Petre, told CNN. Doctors are providing medical assistance on site, and additional staff have been deployed, Petre said. "IOM is providing humanitarian direct assistance at the disembarkation point, including water and food," she said. Separately, an estimated 345 migrants were returned Friday to Libyan shores by the Libyan coast guard, IOM said. Close to 10,200 migrants have been taken back to Libya so far in 2018, Petre said. More than 2,000 were returned by the Libyan coast guard last week.
Migrants who survived the sinking of an inflatable boat off of the coast of Libya are brought ashore east of the capital, Tripoli, on Friday.
Aid group Doctors Without Borders, or Médecins Sans Frontières, urged EU leaders Friday to "show some basic decency" by committing to search and rescue operations for those in trouble at sea -- and then taking them to a place of safety, rather than Libya."EU member states are abdicating their responsibilities to save lives and deliberately condemning vulnerable people to be trapped in Libya, or die at sea," said Karline Kleijer, head of emergencies for the aid group."They do this fully aware of the extreme violence and abuses that refugees and migrants suffer in Libya."
Migrants who survived the sinking climb the rocky shore of al-Hmidiya, east of the capital Tripoli.
Libyan deportation centres are rife with abuse, rights groups say, and a CNN undercover investigation last year revealed cases of migrants being sold at slave auctions. Italy's new populist government has stirred controversy this month by closing its ports to ships rescuing migrants from the Mediterranean. Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte welcomed the European Council deal Friday, saying it took "long negotiation, but from today Italy is no longer alone."Under the deal agreed early Friday at the European Council summit in Brussels, the European Union will look into setting up migration centres in countries outside Europe to assess migrants' claims for protection as well as secure centres on European soil. The proposed "regional disembarkation platforms" would be in North African nations such as Libya, with the aim of breaking the business model of human traffickers who ship migrants across the sea to Europe. However, it's not yet clear whether those countries are able or willing to operate such a system.EU leaders also agreed to intensify efforts to stop smugglers operating out of Libya or elsewhere, including greater support for the Libyan coast guard and for the Sahel region, through which many migrants from sub-Saharan Africa travel on their way north. Despite the dangers, thousands of migrants -- many fleeing conflict, poverty or oppression -- continue to risk their lives on overcrowded and barely seaworthy boats in the hope of finding a better life on European shores. While illegal border crossings into the EU have decreased by 95% from their peak in October 2015, there has been a recent uptick in certain routes across the Mediterranean, the European Council said. As of June 6, some 33,400 migrants and refugees had reached Europe by sea this year, IOM said, most of them arriving through Greece, Italy and Spain. The estimated number of deaths stood at 785.

kiddiespost:18-year-old still wetting the bed.

Seb Cheer, from Cardiff, has had an overactive bladder for his whole life and is now starting university
When teenager Seb Cheer started university this year there was one extra thing he had to plan for – without medication he risks wetting the bed. Mr Cheer, 18, from Cardiff took medication until last year to control his overactive bladder and still takes it when he's not at home. His condition means his bladder muscle contracts spontaneously and without his control – leading to a sudden urge to go to the toilet. Although the problem is manageable at home and he is beginning to cope without medicine, Mr Cheer says finding the toilet is the first thing he has to do when he goes somewhere new. He has suffered from an overactive bladder for his whole life, wearing nappies until he was seven, but says he is confident at dealing with it and was not bullied as a child. Mr Cheer, a student at Leeds University, is sharing his story in the hope other young people with the condition will be encouraged to be open about it.
Mr Cheer, pictured with his mother Brenda and sister Alice, hopes speaking out about his experience will help more young people to realise there are others like them
Mr Cheer's case is not unique – an estimated one in 10 school-aged children wet the bed and, according to Bladder Health UK, one in six adults have symptoms of it. 'Without my tablets, I'm taking a risk that I'll wet the bed,' the first year Leeds University student says. 'I can take that risk at home because my bed is fitted with special absorbent sheets. I can't take that risk if I'm staying with friends or if I'm camping.'And even with the medication Mr Cheer has to navigate the dosage, which means he cannot drink for an hour before taking it or eight hours after – timing which doesn't always work well with university social life. But Mr Cheer's overactive bladder does not just affect him during the night. The journalism student also has to avoid wetting himself during the day – something he says was harder at school than it is at the university. At university, there are fewer classes and he doesn't have to ask permission to go to the toilet like he did at school at Bishop of Llandaff High in Cardiff. But he still needs to know where the nearest toilet is at all times. Mr Cheer's mother, Brenda, agrees: 'Wetting isn't seen by society as a medical condition, it's just something everyone does as a toddler and then they grow out of it. 'But for many, it's a symptom of a bladder or bowel condition which needs treating.'A Parliamentary report – It Happens To Me Too – published in March this year, confirms what Brenda says, showing one in four people believe that bladder and bowel problems only affect the elderly.Mr Cheer's sister Alice, 20, is doing a charity skydive on July 7 to raise money for ERIC but says it is not an easy condition to raise money for because of the stigma.To donate to Alice's fundraising visit her Just Giving page.   

kiddiespost:Father's heartwarming report card for his autistic daughter, 10, after she got straight Ds at school .

Sophie Jackson, a 10-year-old Tasmanian schoolgirl, was devastated after receiving straight Ds on her year four report card this week 
A father who wrote his own report card for his autistic daughter after she received straight Ds is being praised online. Sophie Jackson, 10, became very upset after receiving low grades on her year four report card this week.'She cried and said "I've let everyone down",' her father, Shane Jackson, posted on Twitter on Wednesday. In an effort to cheer up the Tasmanian schoolgirl, Mr Jackson crafted his own report card for his daughter, giving her straight As for her sense of humour, imagination and drawing skills.  
Sophie's father, Shane Jackson, crafted a report card to cheer up his daughter
Mr Jackson said he was away when his wife sent him a copy of their daughter's report card and told him how devastated Sophie was. 'I was away in Melbourne and my daughter and my wife were upset,' he said.'I felt so powerless. I wanted to hug Sophie and make her feel better, so I thought I should take this to Twitter.' His inspiring parenting has gained a huge amount of attention on Twitter, with people from across the world praising his adorable gesture.One of the thousand responses to Mr Jackson's tweet awarded him with a 'Master of Dad' degree. 
Mr Jackson posted the report card to Twitter and was quickly praised for his actions
Mr Jackson told Daily Mail Australia he was extremely happy to see such a positive response on Twitter.'The best impact has been on Sophie. Next day she bumped out of the house, beaming, ready for school.''As a parent of an autistic child I'd like to tell other parents that they are not alone as I understand it can get challenging,' he said. Mr Jackson also said Sophie has a very supportive academic staff at her school.'This is in no way against her or any other teacher. Sophie has a fantastic teacher.''There's a marking process, according to which Sophie did well,' he said.Mr Jackson said his daughter is 'amazingly good' at drawing (pictured is some of her artwork) 

kiddiespost: Woman Marries Grandpa, But When He Sees Her Dress The Weirdest Thing Happens.

Xuewei, Mr Fu’s granddaughter, was the apple of his eye. Her life had taken a sharp turn at a very young age when her parents separated. She was sent to live with Mr Fu and his wife in Chengdu, China. Luckily, they were loving people and raised her with all the care and attention they could offer. She developed a bond with them so strong that she now considered them her mother and father. But there are downsides to having elderly parents.

Always Close To Her Heart
When Xuewei was 18, she left the country to study in Switzerland and then Singapore. But she made a point to keep a close relationship with her grandparents. She talked to them frequently, telling them about her travels, her studies, and even her relationship problems. Eventually, she moved back to China to start her career and continued to keep her grandparents close. It turned out to be a wise decision because time was catching up with them.

A Model Granddaughter

After she graduated from university, Xuewei became a successful entrepreneur. The fruits of her work allowed her to live a good life, in which she tried to include her grandparents as much as possible. She took them on holidays abroad and has even brought them to nightclubs. But soon, the reality of the couple’s age started catching up with the family. And Xuewei didn’t know if she’d be able to handle what was to come.

Confronting A Hard Truth

Late last year, when Xuewei was 25 years old, she had to grapple with some heartbreaking news. Her grandfather, Fu Qiquan, fell seriously ill. Doctors told Xuewei they didn’t know if he would live for much longer. This was not Mr Fu’s first health scare, but it truly made Xuewei realize that she would not have much more time to spend with the couple who raised her so lovingly. She became determined to make the most of it.

Age Was Catching Up To Him

Mr Fu was 87 years old. He had had heart problems for a long time, and two years prior he suffered a cerebral stroke that paralyzed his body and kept him in the hospital for three months. Xuewei knew her grandfather was becoming frailer with every passing day. So she decided not to leave his side. But something inside was telling her that it was not enough. She had to show him just how much she loved him before it was too late.

Trying To Make Him Happy

Xuewei would be at her grandfather’s side every day, feeding him and taking care of his every need. But she wanted to do more than that — she wanted to help him fulfil his life’s dreams. She knew that what he always wanted was to see her walk down the aisle. There was one problem, though: she didn’t have a boyfriend and wasn’t planning on getting married anytime soon. But she wasn't about to let that get in the way of making her grandpa happy.

A Secret Plan

For Xuewei, the primary focus for her personal life at the moment was her career. Still, she wasn’t sure her grandfather would live long enough to see her find "the one" and get married. Unwilling to let that stop her from realizing his wish, she decided to give him a surprise that would make Mr Fu happier than he had been in a long time. But she had to keep it all a secret.

Much More Than A Photo Shoot

Earlier that month, Xuewei took her grandfather to the hospital for a checkup. Once they were there, she casually told him, “we’re actually going to take some pictures today.” Mr Fu nodded and said ok. As they arrived at the photography studio, IV drip in tow, Xuewei’s grandfather started to realize this wasn’t just a normal photo shoot.

His Wish Come True

Xuewei handed her grandfather a dapper suit to wear, while she put on a beautiful white bridal gown. The photo shoot, it turned out, was wedding-themed. “My grandfather would be the one to give me away at my wedding,” Xuewei explained. “Because I don't know if he could live long enough to see that, I wanted to make sure he could do that now.” It was truly a magical day, and the pictures were there to prove it.

The Best Gift Ever

Aside from the studio photos, Xuewei and Mr Fu took pictures in a small church, for which they each wore a different outfit. The whole affair costs her 3000 yuan ($476), but to her, it was worth every penny. Seeing her grandfather’s smile when he looked at her meant everything to Xuewei. It was a smile worth immortalizing, so she did.

A Permanent Reminder

Xuewei also decided to get a tattoo of Mr Fu’s image on her arm. “I had my grandfather's portrait tattooed on my arm in January because I want my new friends and my children to be able to know what he looks like in the future,” she said. Images from the photo shoot went viral in China, where the topic of young women and marriage is a hot-button issue.

China's Marriage Conundrum

While Xuewei went above and beyond to give her grandfather a small glimpse of his dream, other young women in China don’t take so kindly to the pressure to get married. As the country’s middle class grows and the population becomes more educated, young women have started to prioritize career over marriage and family. But traditional values persist in the older generations, leading to a clash.

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kiddiespost:Today in Ireland was the hottest JUNE day on record since 1976!

Related image
TODAY WAS THE hottest June day on record since 1976, according to Met Éireann. Temperatures soared across the country as Ireland’s extended heatwave continued unabated. The highest temperature of 32 degrees was recorded at Shannon Airport. This makes today the hottest June day on record in Ireland since 29 June 1976. Boora in Co Offaly recorded 32.5 degrees that day.
Declan Meighan cools off in Belfast as Irish temperatures soar
 A number of reports stated that today was Ireland’s hottest day on record in any month since 1976, however, this is inaccurate. Today narrowly missed out on being the hottest day. That record is still held for 19 July 2006, when a temperature of 32.2 degrees was recorded at Elphin in Roscommon. Other areas that passed the 30 degrees mark today include Mount Dillon, Athenry and Moore Park. 
Kids take to a swimming pool on the street in Belfast to cool off in soaring temps
As temperatures have soared, widespread issues have been reported in relation to water supply and fires across the country. The Defence Forces were called in as fire crews in Co Wicklow worked to protect homes after a number of fires broke out in the county. Meanwhile, Irish Water said that it will tonight begin lowering water pressure levels in the Greater Dublin Area as demand for water has increased again in the past 24 hours.
Image result for day was the hottest JUNE day on record since 1976 in ireland

kiddiespost:Funeral for teen killed in gang attack held amid #JusticeForJunior outrage.

Lesandro "Junior" Guzman-Feliz
A sea of NYPD uniforms and Yankees jerseys crowded into a Bronx church Wednesday morning to lay to rest the teenager killed in a brutal gang stabbing last week."We come together as a community," Father Jonathan Morris of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church told the crowd, "to say no to the violence, to the gang life, and to all evil that is at the root of the death -- the innocent death -- of Junior Guzman-Feliz."The funeral came a week after Guzman-Feliz, 15, was dragged from a store by a group of men, repeatedly stabbed on the sidewalk and left to die in a brutal murder that has sparked widespread outrage in the city and beyond."The senseless nature of this horrific tragedy hit all of our communities, in every #NYC neighbourhood, very hard," New York Police Commissioner James O'Neill said on Twitter.
After the service, crowds gathered outside the church chanted "Justice for Junior," the phrase and hashtag that has become a rallying cry in the wake of the young man's death.A large group of NYPD members also attended to honour Guzman-Feliz. The teenager was a member of the NYPD Explorers, a police program for young people interested in a career in law enforcement.
The body of Lesandro Guzman-Feliz, who went by Junior, is taken from the Our Lady of Mount Carmel church after funeral services on June 27, 2018 in New York. The incident began when a group of men surrounded the Bronx teenager at a bodega on East 183rd Street last Wednesday night, according to surveillance video of the incident released to CNN affiliate WPIX. The suspects grabbed the teen and dragged him along the ground out of the store before fatally stabbing him, the video shows. When the suspects fled, Guzman-Feliz ran to nearby Saint Barnabas Hospital, where he was pronounced dead, the NYPD said."The stabbing murder of this young man is among the most brutal crimes I've seen in my 36yr career," New York police Chief of Department Terence Monahan said on Twitter, asking for tips on the killing. As outrage grew this week over the teen's killing, Guzman-Feliz's face has appeared on the front of the New York Post for three days straight, and celebrities such as Cardi B and Rihanna have joined local New York leaders in the public mourning.

A possible case of mistaken identity

A police source with direct knowledge of the case told CNN that the killers appeared to have mistaken Guzman-Feliz for someone else. Eight men have been arrested for his murder so far, NYPD Chief of Detectives Dermot F. Shea said Tuesday. The suspects appear to be members of the Trinitarios street gang, he said. Trinitarios is the largest Dominican gang in the United States and is primarily based in New York and New Jersey, according to the FBI."We will not tolerate thugs on the streets of the Bronx, whether it's Trinitarios or any other gang involved in the behaviour of this sort," Shea saidSurveillance video shows the teenager being dragged out of a Bronx bodega by a group of men.The source told CNN that the Trinitarios gang admitted on social media they attacked the wrong person. The source said New York police don't know at this time why Guzman-Feliz was targeted. Kevin Alvarez, 19, was arrested and charged Sunday with second-degree murder, manslaughter, gang assault and assault. He pleaded not guilty to the charges and was held without bail at his arraignment Monday, a Bronx court official said. Alvarez is also associated with the Trinitarios, the law enforcement source told CNN. Alvarez's attorney, Manuel Portela, asked the public to wait for the justice process to take its course."Our role here is to ensure that his constitutional rights are protected throughout the process," Portela said. "My client's family's hearts go out to the parents and the family of the victim."Six other men between 18 and 24 were arrested Sunday in Paterson, New Jersey, the Passaic County Prosecutor's Office said. The suspects waived extradition in court on Tuesday and so will be extradited to New York to face the same charges as Alvarez, Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark said. An eighth defendant was also arrested in the Bronx and is due to be arraigned on those same charges later on Tuesday, Clark said. Guzman-Feliz's mother praised the arrests but said they were not enough."It's good because they have to pay, but I want my son back," Leandra Feliz, the teenager's mother, told CNN affiliate WCBS. "If they could give me the life of my son, I'd be happy."


Police said that Guzman-Feliz was also a member of the New York Police Department's Explorers program, which gives young adults an introduction to a career in law enforcement and dreamed of one day joining the NYPD."He was never going to give up on his dream of being an NYPD detective & WE'LL NEVER GIVE UP ON HIM," Shea said on Twitter.The slain youth was a member of the New York Police Department's Explorers program, police said.Several police officials mourned Guzman-Feliz's death and posted tributes to him. The New York City Patrolmen's Benevolent Association posted a tribute to the slain teen on Twitter, saying his "dream of joining the NYPD was cut short by a murderous street gang." The police union said it will "carry on in his memory until the streets are safe" for all New Yorkers. A GoFundMe page started in his honour has raised more than $200,000 in five days. Donors from all 50 states and 34 countries have contributed, according to GoFundMe spokeswoman Kate Cichy. Rapper Cardi B, a Bronx native, contributed $8,000 under her legal name, Belcalis Almanzar. She posted a message on Instagram lamenting the teen's death."#JusticeForJunior," she wrote. "These Bronx streets are ruthless."Singer Rihanna, who has more than 63 million followers on Instagram, posted a photo of Guzman-Feliz with the message "can't stop thinking about this poor baby boy, and how his family must feel right now!"

kiddiespost: Come to Africa,' Nigerian star Davido urges .

Davido accepts Best International Act onstage at the 2018 BET Awards at Microsoft Theater on June 24, 2018 in Los Angeles, California.
Nigerian singer Davido has won Best International Act at this year's BET awards. As he picked up his trophy, an excited David urged the audience to come to Africa and collaborate with African artists."I'm telling you guys, Y'all come to Africa, eat the food, wear the clothes." the enthusiastic singer, whose hits include 'If' and 'Fia,' said.
Image result for davido come to africa"My continent has been so blessed to influence other cultures. Let's collaborate, everybody," he added. The singer, real name David Adeleke, beat out artists including Nigerian popstar Tiwa Savage, UK's Stormzy and DR Congo's Fally Ipupa to win the coveted award. Davido also picked up the award in 2014. The annual BET Awards celebrates the best in music, movies and sports.
During his acceptance speech, Davido, 25, paid tribute to the son of Afropop star D'banj who died in a drowning incident over the weekend, according to local media reports.

kiddiespost: Explosion in Nigeria, kills at least 9 .

Scene of the explosion in Lagos, Nigeria.
An oil tanker exploded during rush hour traffic Thursday, setting cars ablaze and killing at least nine people and injuring at least five, officials said. The tanker crashed into a passenger car and caught fire on a busy bridge about 5 p.m. on the Lagos Ibadan Expressway, a route used by commuters living on the outskirts of the city.
Scene of the explosion in Lagos, Nigeria. The death toll was expected to rise, as 54 vehicles were burned,. Response teams were trying to rescue people trapped in the fires."We are still battling this fire, and rescue teams are trying to access the bridge. Many people are trapped in the fire as we speak," Adesina Tiamiyu.Scene of the explosion in Lagos, Nigeria.
Oludare Adodo said he was crossing the bridge on a commercial bus when its driver suddenly stopped and told passengers there had been an accident involving a toppled tanker."Petrol started leaking. A bus ran into it. The fire hadn't started then a car ran into the bus which caused the fuel to ignite. Suddenly I heard a loud 'blam!' " he said.Some burnt cars at the scene of the oil tanker explosion on the Lagos-Ibadan bridge, Lagos State, Nigeria on June 28, 2018."In the distance, I could see several vehicles trying to manoeuvre and turn back on the road," he said. "Some folks were abandoning their cars and running, and those closest to the tanker were simply merged into a wall of red," Adodo said passengers quickly exited the bus after seeing the cars and tanker engulfed in flames.Rescue teams at the scene of the oil tanker explosion on the Lagos-Ibadan bridge, Lagos State, Nigeria on June 28, 2018."People at the front started scrambling to get out," Adodo said. "The conductor was gone in a jiffy. Those in the middle started climbing through the windows."Muyiwa Bammodu, who lives near the scene, said he saw victims being ferried on motorcycles to receive treatment. Rescue teams at the scene of the oil tanker explosion on the Lagos-Ibadan bridge, Lagos State, Nigeria on June 28, 2018.Oil tanker accidents are common in Nigeria. Last October, 20 cars and four commercial motorcycles were burned when a tanker spilt petroleum on a busy road.

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