Instagramer stunned as 92,000 followers crowdfund loose skin removal.

An Instagram slimmer who shed 18 stone is being supported by his 92,000 followers as they crowdfund for his loose skin removal surgery. Jack Towers began a strict diet and exercise plan in January last year after reaching a bulging 34 stone and being warned he was at risk of developing diabetes. Before his transformation, the customer care assistant would spend around £5,000-a-year gorging on takeaways and hiding stashes of chocolate and crisps in his car. But after sticking to a new regime of healthy cooking at home, Jack looks like a completely new man and cuts a trim figure at half his former size.
Using a Slimming World plan, the 21-year-old from Ashford, Kent, cut out fatty foods, piles of snacks and alcohol to reach his target of 15 stone. The huge weight loss gathered him more than 92,000 followers on his Instagram account @towers_weightjourney who have been inspired by his journey and his positive attitude to life. But it has also left him with a physical legacy which he is struggling to shift rolls of loose skin which exercise and diet alone will not tighten, and the prospect of a £25,000 bill to get rid of them. Jack posted photos of his new body on his social media, showing all the excess skin that shedding so many stones has left behind. He also revealed he has had private consultations for a major operation a post-bariatric body lift because the operation is not funded on the NHS .“It can be risky surgery as it is a full-body lift which can be quite intense,” he said. “But after a great consultation and fantastic after-case with the team, and all involved, I’ve decided that I will be going ahead with the operation.“Unfortunately, the NHS has rejected my application so I’m looking at around £23-£25,000 out of my back pocket but that’s how I’ve decided to go forward.”He added: “Having loose skin isn’t anything to be ashamed of, it’s part of my journey and something I’ll always be proud of.”