Parents are shocked when their little boy gets his words comically confused as he tries to tell them he found a centipede!

This the hilarious moment a little boy got his words confused when he tried to tell his parents he'd found a centipede in the garden. The video, posted to Twitter by his aunt Amy Loehrs, captured Carson as he excitedly told his family about his find. But instead of letting them know he had spotted a blue centipede, the youngster appeared to say he'd found a 'penis' outside. A woman, who filmed the hilarious misunderstanding, said: 'Tell him what you found outside.' Carson, who was stood in the centre of a patterned rug, then excitedly exclaimed: 'Dad, we found a penis outside.' The young boy's father asked him to repeat himself but Carson just yelled the mispronounced word louder. The camerawoman then asked Carson what colour the apparent penis was, to which he replied 'blue.'
His father, from Tucson in Arizona, said: 'Wait wait wait, you said a blue what?' But Carson still hadn't understood his mistake, stubbornly asserting that there was a blue penis in the garden. The woman didn't let him remain confused for much longer, however, asking if he meant a centipede. She said: 'Did you mean a centipede? Oh my gosh, you saw a centipede! 'Oh man, those are scary!' When posting the video to Twitter, Ms Loehrs said: 'This is my nephew Carson in Tucson! Must watch, I was dying laughing.'