Russian nail salon shares footage of its latest extreme manicure.

From live ants to edible noodles, this Russian beauty salon is known for creating nail art designs that are utterly extraordinary. But the latest creation from the pioneering Nail Sunny might just be the most bizarre of them all. The Moscow-based company, which boasts 1.9million Instagram followers, has gone viral with its remarkable design that sees thick strands of hair stuck onto the nail bed. The effect is fingers that appear to be growing hair from the tips. A clip revealing how the look is created was viewed more than 189,000 times within the first 24 hours but not everyone is rushing to recreate the look at home. One posted: 'That's nasty. How would you eat with those nails'. While another hit out: 'Unfollowing now, these posts are just getting ridiculous'.However, a handful pointed out the design would add an extra eerie touch to a Halloween costume. 'Omg what THESE are my Halloween dream nails,' gushed one. The step-by-step video shows a manicurist starting by painting the nails with black varnish. 
She then snips brunette hair extensions roughly double the length of a finger - into narrow portions roughly the width of a nail bed. The strands are then applied seemingly directly onto the wet polish. With an eye for detail, the nail artist then takes a small brush to detangle the hair extensions. Asking for views on the design, the salon captioned the clip: 'Hair on the nails a new trend YAY NAY?'. Nail Sunny definitely thinks outside the box, considering they've done a variety of other unique nail designs in the past. 
In June, the nail salon created another crazy manicure called the 'brush nails', which featured crafted combs on each finger that someone can rake through her own hair. And in January, the salon revealed an intricate and over-the-top design in honour of Valentine's Day complete with two miniature dolls and a heart-shaped box with a sparkly wedding ring inside. The founders of the amazing salon, which does a ton of different transformation manicures and pedicures, are sisters Eleonora and Arina Movsisyan. They lived in Los Angeles before taking their experience to Moscow to open the salon.