19-year-old Indian boy made The Egg defeat Kylie Jenner in viral Instagram photo challenge

CYMI, the year of 2019 began with the most bizarre news of all time. A photo of an egg managed to dethrone Kylie Jenner's birth announcement photo of daughter Stormi as the most liked photo on Instagram. It was as bizarre as it was fun, and it knocked off Kylie's photo from the top spot with a huge margin. ever since the photo went viral, the world has been dying to find out who is the person behind this UK-based Instagram account @world_record_egg. Which currently has 8.4 million followers.Although the person who posted the photo still remains anonymous. According to Daily Mail seems like we have to thank a 19-year-old Indian boy to thank for the viral post.
Ishan Goel, who is from Massachusetts and a marketing guru at just the age of 19, played a huge role in helping the photo break the internet in a matter of a few days. According to the boy, he was the 'gasoline' that helped the post to earn the title of the most liked picture."I won't go into too many specifics about the secret sauce, but I can say that I worked to garner attention for the page on Reddit, reached out to media really early on, and told all of the celebrities and influencers in my network to help push it.""I would like to give all credit to the chicken who laid this egg. They were the spark. I was the gasoline," he added. According to Ishan, the post went viral because it was not the face of a celebrity or a person, it was just an egg representing something much bigger. Also, it was comical."People can [rally] around the thrill of outdoing a celebrity. It makes the world seem less intimidating, more light-hearted, and more accessible," he said. Although he didn't reveal the true identity of the person behind the egg account, he did share a few secrets on how to go viral. According to him, it all involves a combination of timing, placement, and influence. Right now, the viral egg photo has about 50 million likes and still counting."There is often no rhyme or reason to things going viral but what comes from it is all that matters," Ishan said.