Celebrity hair stylist predicts the biggest hair colour of 2019

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A celebrity hair stylist has predicted the biggest hair colour of 2019 and we are in love. If you have blonde hair or are thinking of going lighter, then read on because this 2019 trend is totally gorgeous and we're very tempted to make a hair appointment asap. According to one celebrity hair stylist, creamy blonde is going to be huge this year and yeah, it looks as good as it sounds. In terms of what celebrities are sporting this trend at the moment, you can look to Margot Robbie for inspiration. Instead of using creamy blonde as a base colour like Margot, you can choose highlights and this works especially well if you have light brown hair and want to add some depth.
Poppy Delevingne is another fan of the trend and we can see why with the creamy shades adding definition to her waves. While platinum locks will always be popular, creamy blonde is a departure from icy shades and we think the warmer look will be very popular for summer 2019. Stephanie Brown, a celebrity hairstylist, is also of the same opinion and chatted to In Style about the trend recently. She said that creamy blonde hair is having "a moment" and that it allows for a fresh vibe which we're all about as we head into spring. I mean, take a look at the below snaps. There is serious hair inspiration here and the best part is that you can adjust the trend for blonde or brunettes depending on how blonde you want to go.
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