Mirror reflection reveals something sinister hidden in a family's bathroom

Homeowners looked into the reflection of their mirror and saw an unexpected carpet python hiding behind their blinds
Homeowners spotted a sinister creature in the reflection of their bathroom mirror after they heard unusual sounds rustling in the early hours.  A carpet python was found curled up behind the blinds on a window sill after it had crept into an ensuite of a home in The Gap, west of Brisbane. 'After investigating the strange sounds, they found a few items on the ground after this not-so-graceful visit made its way around the room,' Snake Catchers Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan and Gold Coast posted on Friday. The unexpected surprise comes after 59-year-old woman Helen Richards was bitten by another carpet python in the bottom when she sat on a toilet seat in her sister-in-law's Brisbane home. 'After I started doing a wee I got a very sharp tap on my bottom and pain, and with that, I jumped very quickly off the toilet and thought "wow, was that a green frog?"' she said. A man, also from Brisbane, got the fright for his life when he lifted the toilet lid to a python relaxing inside last week.  Carpet pythons are the most commonly caught non-venomous snakes in Queensland.  However, their bites leave a substantial laceration and will cause a fair bit of bleeding.The snakes can grow up to more than three metres in length, according to the Queensland Museum.
Carpet pythons are the most commonly caught non-venomous snakes in Queensland