Penneys praised for including teenage model with vitiligo in new campaign.

A brilliant move. Primark has been praised for including a teenage model with vitiligo in their new campaign. The model, named Kaiden Williams, has featured in the store's latest children's activewear ads, making the brand one of the first to regularly include children with vitiligo in their campaigns. People have been praising the clothing giant's decision to ensure their adverts are as inclusive as possible.UK charity Changing Faces has also applauded the representation on their Facebook page writing that the model's vitiligo had been "embraced" by the brand. Vitiligo is a condition that causes certain areas of the skin to lose pigment leading to lighter or white patches of skin that can be found all around the body or localised to one area. The cause of vitiligo is unknown although it is believed that it may be an autoimmune condition that causes certain cells within the body to attack themselves. Vitiligo is most likely to develop before a person turns 40, with half of the people with the condition developing it before they're 20-years-old.