Six-year-old boy showcases amazing hair-styling skills after learning the trade by observing his parents who run a salon

A six-year-old boy from south-west China has impressed thousands of clients with his professional hair-cutting skills. Jiang Hongqi grew up at a hair salon in Suining, Sichuan province and learned the trade at his parents' knees before refining his skills over the past two years. Videos of the mini-master hairstylist at work show him swiftly trimming a female customer's dead-ends before moving on to give her a professional blowout. Another video shows the serious-looking boy carefully levelling a male client's hair with the help of an electric razor and a flat comb. The clips, shot by the boy's parents, were uploaded to short video app Kuaishou, where he has gathered more than 1.5 million followers. His parents have been running the business for six years and the boy has been helping out at the shop since he was four years old.