Woman cries out after son’s hair was shaved in Lekki school in Nigeria.

A woman has cried out on the social media after noticing that her son’s hair was shaved while in school. The worried mother who narrated that the school allegedly refunded the child’s fees after questioning them shared photos of his son and the letter she received from the school located in Lekki, Lagos State. She wrote: Please read my current situation. I need all the help I can get. I need answers to my questions. On the 18th of January 2019, after dressing my children up for school, my husband dropped them off. I usually pick them up at school but I was busy and requested that the school drop them with the school bus. I noticed a strange thing on my son’s head immediately and I asked him what happened to his head/hair. He said he was sleeping in the class and one of the students woke him up. I immediately went to the student’s house (names withheld) and asked what he knew about my son’s shaved head. He responded that he knew nothing about it. Thereafter, I called the owner of the school about what happened and on Sunday, she came to my house that the matter would be investigated.
After waiting and not getting any feedback as promised, I reported the matter to the police station. She was subsequently invited and asked to come with the teacher and class nanny. The DCO of police stated she would go to the school to see things by herself. She pleaded I should allow my children to return to school, assuring me that nothing would happen to them.
The DCO also asked the little boy that my sons said woke up but the little boy was just crying. The class teacher was also said to have gone to one of the student’s house and upon enquiry from the school owner, she said the teacher is also carrying out her own investigation. What investigation? When the police are involved already! During one of this period, my son said his teacher told him to mention the boy that woke him up from sleep as the person that shaved his hair.
Since the DCO has assured us that my kids are safe, we let them returned to the school and to my surprise, the owner of the school after the close of the day, refunded the money we have paid to the school and wishing my kids all the best in life. I have been in turmoil since this incident happened because nobody could explain why my son’s hair was shaved and who did especially in this season when pants, pads and diapers are being stolen for God knows what purpose.