Dressed in her bridal gown, woman cries at grave of her fiancé on the day they were meant to wed.

Heartbreaking photos show a devastated bride in tears at her fiancé's graveside on the day they were supposed to get married. Sara Baluch, 22, put on her ivory chiffon wedding dress and white veil to weep at Mohammad Sharifi's resting place on Sunday. The 24-year-old was shot in a car park while trying to sell his games console. "We were supposed to be together," Sara told the publication. Sara said she fell in love with Mohammad just weeks after he asked her out at school."When you came to him with a problem, it became his problem."He would sit there and try to tell you how you can fix it. He wouldn't just sit there and be like, 'Oh, I'm sorry.'
He was so motivated. He wanted to make a life. He wanted to make a life for us so bad," Sara added. But Mohammed was senselessly murdered and laid to rest on February 22, just weeks before he was due to marry his childhood sweetheart. The couple's relatives attended the church at Harpeth Hills Memory Gardens, Nashville, as they had planned on the wedding day. Tearful family members recited prayers and read passages from the Quran. Sara left flowers by the grave. Mohammed's grief-stricken dad Mohsen Sharifi also told the publication of his devastation."He was my adviser for finances, taxes, organizing. Recently, he was my teacher. [Now], I can't see him and ask him for his advice. 'What do you think, my son, about this?' What am I supposed to do?""He always tried to please us. "He always asked me, 'Are you happy? Are you OK?'"Sara told how she arrived at the hospital after her partner was shot but was too late. A nurse informed her Mohammad had died."Our love had to exist in a different world," she said tearfully."It couldn't exist here. It was too perfect it seemed unnatural."