Grandma Drifts Off To Sea After Posing On A Throne-Shaped Iceberg.

Grandma Drifts Off To Sea After Posing On A Throne-Shaped Iceberg
Move over Elsa, there's a new ice queen in town a grandma whose risky photo pose nearly left her stranded at sea on a giant piece of ice. Judith Streng from Texas was visiting Jökulsárlón Lagoon in Iceland with her son Rod Streng when she spotted a throne-shaped ice block.
Doing what anyone else would do, she jumped at the opportunity and decided to take a seat, while Rod got out his phone to capture the perfect holiday snap."It was shaped like an easy place to sit. You can tell by looking at the shape of it, and I thought, 'Well it looks like fun,'" Judith said. What the pair didn't predict was the giant wave that hit and dislodged Judith's perch just moments after smiling for the camera, she found herself being carried off to sea while still sat atop the ice." When I got on it, it started to totter and a wave was coming in. A very large wave came in and made the throne rock, and I could tell that I was slipping off," she explained."I thought it was safe. One girl had been on it and then two girls at the same time, and it was very secure with them."But I don't weigh very much, so it was a little easier to float off with me, I guess."
Thankfully, a boat captain named Randy Lacount was nearby when the ice drifted off and he was able to bring Judith back to the shore before it was too late. Both Judith and Rod were able to see the funny side of it, as did Rod's 24-year-old daughter Catherine, who later shared the hilarious pictures on Twitter. As you'd imagine, the adventurous grandma has made quite the impression online, with many comparing her unexpected expedition to the infamous Frozen franchise. "Frozen 3looks great," wrote one user, while another remarked, "Elsa in 60 years."But the true icing on the cake of this entire ordeal is Judith's reaction. "You know I always wanted to be queen," she said. "I mean, come on, that was my chance."Damn straight not only is she our new favourite ice queen, but she's a strong contender for the best grandma of the year. Team Judith!