Make-up 'wizard' creates incredible 3D art using his own FACE as a canvas

A make-up artist had dubbed himself 'a wizard' for creating incredible 3D optical illusions on his face. Luca Luce, from Milan, Italy, has gained more than 240,000 Instagram followers for his mind-bending artwork. The artist says he's inspired by 'everything from magic and fantasy' and loves to create illusions. One picture shows him appearing to have three eyes, while another looks as if a chunk of his head has been cut out and replaced with a ladder. 'I never attended art school but I love makeup and 3D art, so I got the idea of trying to paint images on my hand using makeup' he says. The time it takes to paint each piece is different. 'For a small job like a spider resting on the face, [it takes] just half an hour' he continues. 'For something more complex like cubism on the whole face it can take two hours or more'Luca found immediate success when he launched his Instagram page in 2014, from where he developed his style and decided to put in more hours to make his own face as the canvas.