Man Spikes Colleagues With LSD To 'Remove Negative Energy' From Workplace.

Negativity at work isn't unheard of. There are the early mornings, the fact you spend a lot of time with people you're forced to be around, and all the standard office politics and drama that can happen when it all builds up. An employee at Enterprise Rent - A - Car decided to take matters into his own hands, though, by spiking his colleagues' drinks with LSD in a bid to 'remove negative energy' from his workplace a very bold move. The 19-year-old, from Missouri, USA, was found out when police were called to investigate after two workers were rushed to hospital when they felt shaky and dizzy. After being questioned, the teenager admitted to slipping the hallucinogenic drug into two co-workers' water bottles and a third colleague's coffee that day because they had 'negative energy'. 
The suspect, whose name is unknown, could face charges of second-degree assault and possession of a controlled substance, but according to the Jefferson County Prosecuting Attorney's Office, nothing has been filed yet. The man was sent to jail but was later released however, he no longer works for Enterprise. Not surprising, really.LSD is a powerful hallucinogenic, which according to Frank, can be taken in different forms. The liquid form, used by the Enterprise employee, is colourless and tasteless, meaning it would have been completely undetectable when added to his innocent colleagues' drinks. It can start to kick in after just 20 minutes and with every trip unique to the user, there's no way of knowing how you'll react. Probably best just to avoid it if you have the choice. However, there may have been some method behind this man's ridiculous actions. According to reports, micro-dosing the drug could help to increase productivity in the workplace. Scientists have been investigating the benefits of micro-dosing for years, but it's already commonplace in certain parts of America - with some Silicon Valley workers apparently using it in tiny doses through the week to help them focus at work. The doses are not high enough to actually bring on any psychedelic or hallucinogenic effects. It's also reported to have been tested for the treatment of anxiety and depression.