Nine Nurses Working On The Same Maternity Ward Are All Pregnant.

Nine nurses who work in the same American hospital are due to give birth within a few weeks of one another. Coincidentally enough, all nine of the pregnant nurses work in the labour and delivery unit of their hospital. The news was announced on the Facebook page of the Maine Medical Centre, where all of the expectant nurses work. They shared a picture of eight out of the nine mums to be with their bumps, as well as another picture showing them holding cards with their due dates written on them. It is thought that the babies are all going to be born between April and July. Let's hope whoever is responsible for sorting out their rota is well on top of things. Obviously, with so many of them being pregnant at the same time, a special bond has developed between all of the colleagues. In fact, they plan to be there for one another's deliveries. Well, having more qualified labour and delivery nurses rather than less can't hurt, right? One of the nurses, Erin Grenier, said "After each one of us started to say, 'we're pregnant', I think it was a happier announcement each time, and we're all there for each other there has been times where we've been the patient. So it's been great to have each other either being our nurse or just being there for us, sending us a message, checking in on us making sure everything is okay." The nurses are all glad that they've got the others to help out and support them during their pregnancies. Another one of the nine, Amanda Spear, said: "It's really nice coming to work and seeing other people who are just as pregnant and watching their bellies pop and just talking about these experiences that we are going through together."Nurse Lonnie Soncie also said I don't think it hit home until we took a picture and it was on social media and we were getting all this attention."And then it was like, 'Whoa, you weren't kidding!"As for the hospital, they're presumably pretty happy with the heap of positive publicity that the nurses' synchronised pregnancies has brought to their door. They've also said that they are well prepared for the amount of maternity leave that they're going to have to account for soon. In fact, they have said that they are fully prepared to cover all of the shifts. Everybody's happy.