Scientists sign petition over 'cancer risk' associated with Apple AirPods

According to a new World Health Organisation and United Nations petition signed by over 250 scientists, they have voiced their concerns in regard to the radiation which is emitted when using the wireless device. According to the research, because AirPods fit within the ear canal, they expose fragile parts of the ear to high levels of radiation. In some cases, these high levels of radiation are found to be carcinogenic and so, studies are now delving deeper to see if the AirPods actually contain an associated risk. And AirPod sales are only on the up, with over 28 million pairs sold in 2018, 12 million more than the year before, and even a higher increase expected for this year, it's safe to say the €180 device is a hot commodity. According to the Daily Mail, scientists are calling for more of an "oversight and warnings for all manner of radio wave-based technologies as they're particularly concerned over the intensity and proximity of Bluetooth radiation to the human ear canal and brain."They continued by saying that a "great deal" of investigation still needs to be taken up to clarify the exact risks.