YouTube stuntman films himself dangling from skyscraper by his fingertips

A YouTube stuntman has filmed himself dangling one-handed from a skyscraper by just his fingertips. Elvis Bogdanov's' latest attempt to give his viewers 'mini heart attacks' sees him sway in the breeze as he hangs from a 300ft-high block of flats in London's Elephant and Castle. The gymnast, 20, is risking his life in increasingly dangerous stunts in a bid to terrify his viewers. He 'walked the plank' across thin metal scaffolding and even did a handstand on top of the 35-story tower last Sunday. Elvis and his friend Matthew Adams, 26, tackled the building to watch the sunset and create a video he hoped would have the effect of a 'horror movie'. 
"It's a mental thing it's all about fear. I clearly lack that fear,” Elvis, from Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, said."Whenever I'm doing my stunts people tell me that they get electricity running down their fingers or spine, or it makes their legs go weird."I've enjoyed giving people mini heart attacks. 
"I want to create the same reaction as a horror movie in people I want them to feel on edge.”But Elvis, who has been practicing parkour for 'most of his life' has warned others not to copy his stunts.