Father-of-three loses 92LBS after realizing he could no longer keep up with his kids.

A dad has decided to change his diet and exercise habits after realizing he no longer could keep up with his three kids and he has since lost 92lbs in just 150 days. Jeremiah Peterson, 40, from Montana started his health journey in 2017 after going on a hike with his wife and nine-year-old, seven-year-old, and six-year-old children while weighing 290lbs.
'I looked myself in the mirror and thought about my family, my responsibilities and how I would be 40 in less than a year,' Jeremiah explained on his website after feeling significantly out of breath on the hike.

He continued: 'I knew I HAD to make some serious changes in my life.' In a recent Instagram post, Jeremiah elaborated on his motivation, explaining that his love for his family is what inspires him to stay fit and healthy every day. I want to get into shape because I don’t have enough energy to be productive at work,' he wrote. 'I want to be productive at work because it’s important to provide for my family. I want to provide for my family because being a great parent is rewarding. I want to be an amazing parent because I believe it’s part of leading a good life.' My family has and always will be my way. Finding your reason why is essential if you want to achieve success in life. If you don’t have a strong reason behind your actions you are less likely to get the results.' Your why will pull you up when you feel like you don’t have the strength anymore. Your why will keep you fighting when everyone else thinks you are down for the count.' He concluded: 'I will do this. No matter what! My family is counting on me!' Committed to changing his lifestyle, Jeremiah decided to workout twice every day and started the ketogenic or 'keto' diet to see if it would help him drop the weight.

The keto lifestyle a low-carb, high-fat diet has become popular in recent years by bloggers and trainers for weight loss. While on the diet, it sends the body into a state of ketosis which is a metabolic state where fat is burned instead of carbs. Recently, trainer Jillian Michaels blasted the keto diet because she claimed it was 'unhealthy' for the body. But still many people, including Jeremiah, have seen incredible results. Jeremiah started doing a two-mile hike every morning before hitting the gym later in the afternoon for double the exercise. His diet also changed where he got rid of the carbs such as bread and pasta and opted for meals focused around meats and healthy fats. 'Since I turned the keto wheel I have found I don’t crave stuff that jacks my stomach up anymore...I don’t feel disgusting and bloated after I eat and my body feels so great the next morning in the gym,' Jeremiah wrote on Instagram while sharing his meal of a cheeseburger wrapped in lettuce instead of buns. 'Carb hangovers are for real,' he continued. 'I hated that carb fog I would feel when I use to overindulge on the weekends.' Most of his meals focus around the meat, which Jeremiah will cook on his grill and healthy fats with greens. He will also replace bread and buns with lettuce for wraps and burgers. Another diet change for Jeremiah was completely cutting out any alcohol to help with his transformation. Before Jeremiah started the keto diet, he was a size 42 jeans and constantly out of breath from exercise, ABC 7 reports. The dad is now 150lbs lighter and a size 33 jeans, and he is using his transformation to inspire others to make lifestyle changes in their own lives. 'The harder the goal, the more confidence we gain from reaching it,' Jeremiah told his 90,000 Instagram followers while sharing a transformation picture. He continued: 'For myself, a lot of my self-confidence has come from meeting my fitness and body image goals from my transformation. 'If you're suffering from a lack of self-confidence and searching for a way to improve yours, try setting some fitness or weight loss goals.' When you achieve them, you'll gain the confidence to believe you can do more.' Jeremiah uses his Instagram as a platform to inspire others and guide them on how they, too, can accomplish their fitness and body goals.