NASA's 'Astronomy Picture Of The Day'.

Retired oceanographer Jean Dean, 60, captured this amazing image after five nights of sitting out in her garden taking images of the night's sky to be able to see the Rosette Nebula star formation

The Andromeda Galaxy captured by the Guernsey-based grandmother Jean Dean from her back garden. She won NASA's Picture of the Day for an image of a Rosette Nebula
Jean has also captured an image of the California Nebula from her garden. She lives on the channel islands with her husband Peter, 70, and has been fascinated by astronomy since she was a child
The Pacman Nebula captured by Jean, who has been photographing space for about 10 years. She said some of the photographs were taken using film when she first started
The Iris Nebula captured in the twinkling night sky by Jean from her back garden in Guernsey. The NASA prize-winner said she wanted to encourage everyone to look up at the night sky more

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