Teen who went to bed with 'flat stomach' wakes up and gives birth in 45 minutes.

A teenager who went to bed with a 'flat stomach' was stunned when she woke up with a surprise baby bump and gave birth just 45 minutes later. Emma Louise Leggate, 18, had been on the pill and claims she had no idea she was pregnant for the second time until she woke up with a baby bump. She and her grandma Louise Ford, 63, rushed to hospital but the labour happened so quickly that Emma Louise gave birth in the hospital car park just three-quarters of an hour after discovering the bump. The stay-at-home mum claims she had no morning sickness or food cravings, never felt her daughter kick and put her absent periods down to being on the pill. Doctors reportedly thought that Ciara Louise Lamont, now eight months old, was full-term when she was born. They put the lack of bump down to the baby being positioned in her back. Luckily Emma Louise's new daughter was born happy and healthy, weighing 7lbs 12oz on July 17 2018. The new mum and partner Sean Lamont, 19, embraced becoming parents for a second time. Emma Louise, from Glasgow, said: "I was really shocked afterwards. It didn't feel real.
My nanna was in that much shock that she didn't want to believe it. We were really lucky she was okay."I hadn't taken a pregnancy test, I had no symptoms, nothing. Nothing at all."The doctors couldn't explain why I didn't have a bump. They just told me that she must have been sitting in my lower back and that it is quite common."For the entire duration of her pregnancy, Emma Louise didn't pick up on a single signal she was pregnant."People tend to find out around their 20-week scan once the baby starts to kick, but Ciara never kicked, I never felt her do it," she added."I never had any morning sickness or cravings either, nothing like that."At the start [of using the pill] I was bleeding a little bit, but then my periods just stopped altogether so I just thought that it was the pill."As for the slight weight gain, Emma Louise did not connect it with being pregnant. She continued: "I had no bump. I had put on a bit of weight, so my mum was suggesting we go out walking and do different things to burn it off because I kept going on about my weight."The weight was across my full body, more in my arms, legs and face than anywhere else. My stomach never grew."But I gave birth to Ciara. It was a really quick labour."It was quite a neat bump. It was very small and all at the top - I'm guessing she'd just turned."The teenager, who was living at home with her mum Jackie Ford and one-year-old daughter Caoimhe Lamont at the time, was shocked when the bump appeared overnight. Jackie called up Louise who drove her granddaughter to the hospital and even helped her give birth to Ciara in the backseat of the car. The proud mum gave Ciara the middle name 'Louise' after the role her doting great-grandmother, who sadly passed away in October, played in her birth. Emma Louise said: "The bump popped out literally out of the blue that one morning. I had woken up and you could tell it was a bump. It was dead high up. Everyone says to me that I can't go back on it now - I've just got to go with it now."It was the best thing that could have happened. But we're having no more. No more surprise babies, thank you."It's changed the way I think about contraception. I ended up going on the coil just after Ciara. I'm safe just now. I take pregnancy tests nowadays too just in case."