Gogglebox Sisters Cause Internet Argument By Eating Sandwiches Filled With Pies.

Two sisters who star on Channel 4's popular show Gogglebox have started an internet storm on account of a bizarre snack that they were eating on last night's show.
Izzi and Ellie Warner were sitting around their house watching TV, as is customary on Gogglebox, and eating sandwiches. What was so strange about the sandwiches is that they were filled with pies. Everyone likes sandwiches, everyone likes pies. Sounds delicious, if a little carb-heavy.Anyway, the two sisters from Leeds were showcasing their unusual culinary skills on last night's show and some people online are up in arms. Not only do some people think - wrongly, in this observer's humble opinion that putting pies on a sarnie should be off-limits, they also got their hackles up about what they chose to call their snack. As every Rugby League fan knows, there isn't a great deal of love lost between Wigan and Leeds. There's the whole Lancashire vs Yorkshire angle, too. Basically, a pie sandwich is known in certain circles as a 'Wigan kebab' but the two sisters from Leeds got that wrong. They referred to it as a 'Wigan burger'. An easy enough mistake to make, really. Several people on Twitter were very angry about this slip of the tongue and vented their spleen about it in a few stinging posts. One person said: "These lasses from Leeds have just called a pie on a barm a Wigan Burger! A WIGAN BURGER! It's a Wigan Kebab you Yorkshire muppets!"Another added: "I thought pie in a bread roll was a Wigan kebab?"That said, the lasses have had quite a bit of support for this particular delicacy. It bears repeating, pies are great, and sandwiches are great. What's not to love? One person (correctly) observed: "Sounds yum tbf," Another said: "Pie sandwich...don't knock it until you've tried it."Exactly. Just get stuck in. You won't regret it. Naturally, there are others who (wrongly) think that it's disgusting. One fool said: She's had a fucking PIE sandwich on gogglebox, I'm gagging mate worst nightmare."Another said: "#Gogglebox A pie sandwich? Get out you filthy animal!"Well, these people are probably southerners with no appreciation for the humble pie, let alone the pie barm. You can only feel sorry for people like this. For the rest of us, let's enjoy a meaty carbohydrate-filled treat and not worry about the haters.