Hilarious Moments of the Wife Carrying Championship

When it comes to sports, we can all do with a little more exercise. More exercise and time outdoors, especially in team sports, can help to bring people together and make people happier and healthier in the process.
One of the ways in which people are doing this is through a funny sport known as Wife Carrying. This is a good sport designed to help bring husbands and wives together. The husband holds the wife, upside down, on his back, as he tries to jump through numerous hurdles, including a pit of dirty water, and jumping over-literal obstacles. This can be a good metaphor for how couples work together to get through many of the hurdles in life and grow stronger as a result. Having more exercise outside is a great way to also increase your physical and mental health. Due to many factors, a couple may grow farther apart. Some of this might have to do with things like depression and anxiety caused by a poor lifestyle and not going outside often. So going outside and enjoying the sunshine is a great way to feel better and connect better with your spouse in the long term. It is also a great way for spectators to have a good time as well. As this team exercise has many people in the background, laughing at the funny couples run through obstacles, especially when it comes to the mud pit. For many couples, literally crawling through mud in order to spend time together is definitely something that better work in bringing people closer together. So maybe go outside with your spouse, and spend a lot of time together with a group activity. You will thank yourself in the long run for doing so.