Loads Of Women Have A Freckle In Exact Same Place.

So, here's something weird from the Internet today it turns out a load of women have a little freckle in exactly the same place, the centre of the wrist.
Thousands of women have responded to a post on Twitter asking about a freckle on their wrist, with many claiming they hadn't even noticed it until they spotted the post. It all kicked off when a Twitter user named Aaryn Whitley innocently posted asking: "Ladies... you got a freckle on the middle of your wrist or is this a myth?"She shared a photo of four wrists all with a freckle in the same place. Her post quickly went viral and has racked up almost 30,000 comments - many from women sharing their own freckle photos and others questioning why they all have them. In response, one woman said she was 'lowkey freaking out' after seeing so many women with the same marks, while another said it was 'wild'.One hopeful freckle-owner added that they were 'magical', while another asked, 'OK, but why do we all have this?'Although not quite a scientific study, I've just asked three women who I happen to be sat near and they all have them. Weird, eh? Not to knock the findings of the original post, but of the four guys, I asked three had them, too. So, what causes them? Well, freckles are caused by exposure to the sun, which is why people are often frecklier after being outside in the sunshine than they are in the winter - unlike moles, freckles aren't raised, according to Nivea. They are not genetic per se, but, usually, if other members of your family get 'em, you will, too. They normally develop in childhood and may disappear as you get older or they might stick around and make an interesting Twitter moment in the future. Why so many women seem to have them in the same spot is anyone's guess. Maybe it's due to the fact wrists would often be out in the sunshine and would naturally become freckled? Or perhaps it's a mark of an alien sub-species poised to take over the world any day now?