Best Friends Hospitalised After Doing 1,000 Squats In One Go.

It's no secret that the key to a perky bum is to squat until you can squat no more. But two students from China have proven that too much exercise in one go can actually be detrimental to your health.
The two best friends were reportedly competing with each other on a video call, which saw them both squat continuously for over three hours. After a few days, both girls started to feel unwell and were taken to hospital, both diagnosed with a condition that can sometimes be fatal, caused by muscle injury. One of the girls, Tang, 19, ended up in Emergency Intensive Care. She told medics that she and her friend carried out the challenge earlier this month. As reported by Chinese publication, Chongqing Evening News, Tang is a university student in Chongqing while her best friend lives in the province of Guangdong.
Tang told the paper that she and her friend were doing a video call on 10 July and they wanted to see which one of them had better stamina so, of course, they decided to take it in turns to do squats to find out who could do 1,000. As reported by Daily Mail, Tang wasn't used to exercising and yet the two friends spontaneously decided to set the challenge - which they both completed. The university student said that for the first two days, she felt OK. Then on the third, she fell ill. "I didn't feel right as soon as I woke up. First of all, my legs felt achy and sore. What's more? I couldn't bend them," she told Chongqing Evening News."Afterwards, I went to the toilet and saw my urine was as dark as tea," she added. Tang had to be carried into the hospital because she felt so weak and it turned out that she had a muscle injury known as rhabdomyolysis, which occurs when muscles are injured and they release their contents, including a muscle enzyme, into the bloodstream. Doctor Li Ning at the medical centre said: "The patient's level of myoglobin was so high it exceeded the highest reading on the medical device."The condition can occur after a fall or car crash, electrical shock injury, lightning strike, third-degree burn, the use of illegal drugs, heatstroke, bacterial infections or periods of extreme exercise. It has three common symptoms: muscle swelling, muscle weakness and dark urine. Doctors warn against doing too much strenuous exercise.