Teen becomes the FIFTH highest seller on Depop after launching a festival glitter business.

A teenager who launched a festival glitter business from her bedroom while studying for A-levels has become the fifth highest seller on Depop. Ellen Bundey, from Barming in Kent, founded Rose and Sparkle in 2017 after she discovered a gap in the market for affordable glitter and jewellery.
Now, two years on, 19-year-old Ellen ships up to 75 orders per day to 38 countries and is able to make enough cash to sustain her student life. The teenager, who studies geography at the University of Coventry, began with 15 glitter blends including 'Princess Peach' and 'Disco Ball' before interest in the make-up blossomed and she expanded her range. Ellen photographs packages and posts the items herself and also creates her own acrylic jewellery which she also sells on Depop. The online shop, which has more than 13 million users, allows people to buy and sell products from an app on their mobile phones. The student, who is now the fifth-highest seller in the world, said: 'Reaching fifth on the Depop worldwide ranking is a huge accomplishment form 
'I would have never dreamed of my small online shop growing this big.' Using social media as a form of marketing has been great as my target audience younger people often turn to apps such as Instagram and Depop to gain inspiration for styling. 'You really can start and run a business from your bedroom.' Ellen said Rose and Sparkle earns her enough to 'keep her going' while at university, despite her glitter pots selling for as little as £1.99 apiece. In two years she has sold more than 4,764 packages of glitter and has even introduced a range of also investing in marketing and better photography equipment. She said: 'My dream degradable make-up. She said: 'I make enough to keep me going while bio I am at uni, it's about what I would earn from a part-time job.' Next year Ellen plans to bring an even bigger range to Rose and Sparkle, including seasonal sets while career lies within cosmetic marketing or content creating but if Rose and Sparkle get really big, I would consider working on it full-time. I will always try to reinforce the roots of having products that are affordable, on-trend and easy to find.'