College sister calls out her Instagram-loving sister for posting a FAKE picture.

A budding Instagram influencer learned a hard lesson about telling lies online after her own sister exposed her for faking a social media post in a now-viral tweet that has left the internet in hysterics.
Casey Sosnowski, who is a freshman at Florida Atlantic University, was no doubt hoping that her latest Instagram post would earn some attention from her followers - but instead, it has been catapulted to a very different kind of viral fame thanks to her older sister Carly, a sophomore at Florida International University. After Casey posted an image of herself on a 'hike' on Instagram, Carly took to Twitter to reveal that the photo was actually taken in the family's backyard, sharing a candid snap of her sibling posing outside their home carrying a water bottle and wearing workout gear while writing: 'My sister said she was going hiking... this is our backyard.'
She then shared a grab of the Instagram post that Casey shared, which saw her wearing sneakers, pink leggings, a white crop top and a visor, while posing in front of a wooded area; she tagged the location as Lake Okahumpka Park and Trail, and added the caption: 'Nature is the ultimate healer to all our problems #naturelovers'Ironically, while Casey's post had amassed just 30 likes before being called out by her sister, Carly's tweet exposing her sibling has taken social media by storm, racking up an impressive 275,000 likes and over 40,000 retweets in less than a week. Carly was also bombarded with replies from other users - many of whom were praising her for the witty post.' Don’t hate the player hate the game,' one person wrote, while another chimed in: 'She brought a water bottle [hahahahaha] people will do anything for likes!'Others shared their own stories about social media frauds, with one person writing: 'My friend wanted me to take a pic of her while she was flipping her hair. It took me over 30 minutes to get it exactly the way she wanted. 'The caption of her picture was - spontaneous one. After that, I don’t believe anything I see on the gram.' A few praised Carly and Casey's backyard, pointing out that they must live in a great area and a large house in order to have so much green space at their disposal. Some people even tried to suggest that the entire tweet had been faked. A number of users called out the fact that Casey was wearing a different coloured shirt in her sister's photo than she was in the image posted on Instagram - however that theory was quickly shot down by other people who noted that Casey's white crop top was hanging around the neck of her younger sister, who was taking the photo. Some couldn't help but be wowed by the enormous toad that could be seen in the foreground of the image, with one person writing: 'How’s everyone just ignoring that dino of a TOAD?'Casey, however, was less than amused by her sister's post, and jokingly responded to her sibling saying, 'I feel personally attacked.'
However, she later insisted to Insider that she actually thought her sister's post was funny - although she admitted that she had no idea it would end up becoming as popular as it did. 'I thought it was funny,' she said. 'I'm a pretty chill person overall so it didn't bother me, and then it blew up and I was like whoa.' Explaining the full story behind the tweet, she recalled: 'I told my little sister to let's go outside and take pictures by our wooded area because I haven't posted on Instagram since the beginning of July, so I figured it was about time I posted something.' I thought the background was really pretty, so we took pictures over there, and after I got home and posted it I told my family, "Look, it looks like I was going for a hike." So then my sister Carly posted it [on Twitter].' She concluded: 'It just goes to show that not everyone's life is as perfect as it seems on Instagram.'