US teen put in a coma after vaping too much.

A teenager in America was left in a comatose state after vaping too much left her lungs near fatally damaged.18-year-old Maddie Nelson from Utah was taken to hospital earlier this month after reporting difficulty breathing, chest pains and nausea. Doctors found that her lungs were severely inflamed with her vaping hobby being the key factor.
Nelson had picked up vaping three years ago believing it to be safe, however, when doctors saw her condition, they placed her in a medically induced coma. Nelson has now, understandably, changed her stance on vaping and has taken to Facebook to warn people off using the e-cigarettes. She said: "I used to just tell myself it won't happen to me, but it can and will happen to you too...take my advice, don't smoke, don't vape. #vape #stopthevape."Nelson also appeared on American tv channel Fox 13 where she said: "My temperature was so high, my brain just completely shut off.
"I thought I was in the hospital for one night, and I was actually there for four days."A GoFundMe page was set up in order to raise cash for medical bills for Nelson, with her two sisters, Sadie and Andrea along with her brother Dylan also spoke against the popular pastime. They wrote: "On Wednesday, July 31st she was transferred to another hospital where she was rushed to the ICU."At this point, Maddie could barely breathe, and after two hours of being in this state she was incredibly exhausted and didn't know how much longer she was going to last, the situation went from serious to potentially fatal."When her chest X-ray came back the damage to her lungs was so severe the respiratory therapist will be using it as a teaching aid.""Maddie's generation and those after her are the guinea pigs of the popularising of the 'vape life' and after only a few years we are seeing some pretty scary side effects."Next time you reach for your Juul and feel good about not smoking, think again."