Guy Hits Stranger’s Tail Light While Parallel Parking And The Text Conversation After Is Perfect

Two strangers proved there’s still lots of good humans out there as they exchanged an amazing conversation after one scratched the other’s car.
The driver who caused the incident took to Reddit to share their story, explaining they had been trying to parallel park their car when they left a one-inch scratch on the tail light of a stranger’s truck. It’s a mistake I think we can all relate to parallel parking can be a b*tch. Thankfully, the driver wasn’t a hit-and-run kind of person, and they left a note with their mobile number on the truck, explaining their mistake. The following day, the truck owner got in touch with a lovely message which expressed his understanding and gratitude for the driver’s honesty. They wrote: Hey there [name], this is [name] with the truck that you left a note on yesterday. Looked over the truck, scrape doesn’t look too bad on the taillight. Nothing that couldn’t buffer out. I really appreciate the note, have a blessed day!. The truck owner was clearly a friendly, forgiving human who was more than happy to forget about the accident and the driver could have easily left things there, but they decided to go the extra mile. The driver, a Reddit user known as u/Slathbog, responded: Hey thanks so much [name]! It didn’t look like anything significant to me but it also looked new and I know how people can be touchy about that. Would you like me to purchase any buffing supplies for you?. Incredibly, the truck owner refused to take anything from the driver, but after receiving their response they saw the opportunity to make the world a bit of a better place. Rather than accepting the offer of purchasing buffing supplies, the truck owner asked the driver to ‘pay forward’ their generosity.

They wrote: That’s really kind of you man! You know what if it’s possible… use that money on somebody else. Whether it’s a gift for a friend or a complete stranger, if you could pay it forward that way, I would really appreciate [it]. The driver hasn’t explained what they plan to do with the money but the truck owner’s request is proof of their kind nature. The ‘pay it forward’ idea is a lovely one which we could all easily put to use in order to make someone else’s day a little bit better.Amazing!