3 stunning locations in Africa named among world’s most beautiful places

Africa is blessed with some of the most impressive and spectacular places in the world.
The second-largest continent in the world, with its beautiful landscapes, magnificent sites, and animal kingdoms has undoubtedly been the best location for photographers and tourists. In commemoration of Earth Day this year, three stunning locations were named among the 25 most beautiful places in the world, in a survey done by CNN Travel. Some of the picks for the world’s “top breathtaking, beautiful destinations” included Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, Costa Rica; Ciudad Perdida, Colombia; Dominica; Lake Bled, Slovenia; Positano, Italy, and Lake District, UK. The following striking places from Africa made the list:
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The Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Uganda 
The Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in southwestern Uganda is one of the largest forest areas in Africa, covering 33,100 ha. The biodiverse, mountainous area protects an estimated 400 mountain gorillas roughly half of the world’s population, including several habituated groups, which can be tracked. This biologically diverse region also provides shelter to a further 120 mammals, including several primate species such as baboons and chimpanzees, as well as, elephants and antelopes. There are around 350 species of birds hosted in this forest, including 23 Albertine Rift endemics, said ugandawildlife.org. Over 400 call this UNESCO-protected national park home, with the chance for visitors to trek to and meet habituated groups, according to CNN.
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Samburu National Reserve, Kenya
Situated at the southeastern corner of Samburu District in the Rift Valley Province of Kenya, Samburu National Reserve is home to a wide variety of animal and birdlife. It is famed for rare northern specialist species such as the Grevy Zebra, Somali Ostrich, Reticulated Giraffe, Gerenuk and the Beisa Oryx, according to samburu.net. The “grassland and acacia-dotted landscapes” of the reserve is also popular with a minimum of 900 elephants. Large predators such as the Lion, Leopard and Cheetah are an important attraction, including wild dog sightings, the website adds. Birdlife is also abundant with over 450 species recorded. Sources say the reserve was one of the two areas in which conservationists George and Joy Adamson raised Elsa the Lioness, made famous in the best-selling book and award-winning movie Born Free. 
Mount Toubkal, Morocco 
At 4,167m, Mount Toubkal holds the distinction of being the tallest mountain in Northern Africa. Toubkal is easily reached from the Moroccan city of Marrakech and lays at the heart of a network of trekking trails that offer “striking high altitude mountain scenery, lush valleys and relatively untouched Berber communities”, said tourdust.com. Visitors will encounter snowy terrain from December to April, but the trails are open to trekkers year-round. The climb normally takes two to three days.
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