Russian Deep Sea Fisherman Finds Fish ‘With Lip Fillers’

A Russian fisherman has shared pictures of his latest catch a terrifying, human-like creature from the depths of the ocean.
The ocean is a scary place. It’s a mostly uncharted abyss, host to not just the lifeblood of the planet, but a wacky array of creatures the likes of which the majority of us will never see. It’s said that more than 90% of our oceans and seas is unexplored, so it’s not entirely surprising to come across creatures that look this bloody weird. Roman Fedortsov spends a lot of his time on fishing trawlers, coming into contact with a wide variety of sea life. While he’s mainly tasked with more traditional, commercial fishing catching fish such as cod, haddock and mackerel he often comes across some pretty bizarre critters roaming in our waters. 
As such, the 39-year-old, from Murmansk, Russia, likes to share snaps of the various grotesque and fascinating finds online, intriguing and frightening the internet in equal measure. His latest catch, as seen in the photo, is, in fact, a sea pike. However, it just looks eerily human, smiling away like something from SpongeBob SquarePants or Finding Nemo. This isn’t the only abnormal fish Fedorstsov has came across: there’s also a shrimp that looks like Groot, a zombie looking cusk and a wolffish that had just devoured an isopod. Before this, the fisherman shared pictures of bright orange blobs, slug-like lumps, fish with teeth and bulging eyes. To some, his pictures will be captivating; to others, they’ll be freaky, to say the least. However, while they may look a bit more like aliens than just your everyday fish, Roman isn’t fazed. He’s interested and impressed by everything he encounters. These aquatic curiosities were mainly found in the Norwegian and Barents seas while some of them came ashore from the Atlantic Ocean. Roman went to Marine University in Murmansk and is an expert on processing and preparing fish. In order to let people be able to see them, he’s set up social media accounts to share the images with the world. While Russian fishermen uncover the ocean’s oddities, researchers in Sweden recently discovered an 18,000-year-old puppy frozen in ice it could be the ‘oldest confirmed dog’ in history. They still aren’t sure whether the ‘amazingly well-preserved’ creature (with a full set of teeth) is a dog or wolf possibly because it comes from the point where dogs were domesticated.