Breaking: Covid-19 victims sue Prime Minister for poor management of health crisis

French Prime Minister Jean Castex is to receive a complaint via the special Law Court of the Republic (CJR) from the “Victimes Coronavirus COVID-19 France” association for the poor management of the health crisis, lawyer Fabrice Di Vizio representing the organization, said on Thursday.

Man marries own mother-in-law after divorcing his wife of eight years

Clive Bunden and his wife Brenda, from Warrington, Cheshire, have now been together for more than three decades, despite the fact that he was married to her daughter Irene in 1977 The Mirror UK reports that they have been together for more than three decades, married 13 years and are still blissfully happy, despite the unconventional start to their relationship.

Angelina Jolie ‘Lookalike’ Posts Before And After Photos Showing What She Really Looks Like

Back in 2017, a woman became a viral juggernaut when she shared pictures of an extreme makeover she’d undergone in the hopes it would make her look like her Hollywood idol, Angelina Jolie.

Teen too sick to leave hospital is able to 'walk' across the stage and accept her diploma with a mounted iPad draped in a gown

An Alabama senior sick in the hospital was physically unable to make it to her high school graduation. But Cynthia Pettway, of Mobile, still crossed her graduation stage and received her diploma with a little help from a robot and an iPad.

Woman attacked by a jaguar while taking selfie .

The woman who was attacked by a jaguar while posing for a selfie has asked for the zoo to upgrade their safety systems.

Man jailed for stealing pants.

The 19-year-old son of a herbalist, Olasunkanmi Yekini, was on Monday sentenced to six years in prison by an Osogbo Chief Magistrates’ Court for stealing ladies’ pants.

Scientists sign petition over 'cancer risk' associated with Apple AirPods

According to a new World Health Organisation and United Nations petition signed by over 250 scientists, they have voiced their concerns in regard to the radiation which is emitted when using the wireless device.

4-year-old genius has just joined UK’s largest high IQ society.

At her age, Alannah George is already obsessed with numbers and words to the extent that she taught herself how to read when she was just two before stepping foot in the classroom. George, who is from Iver, Buckinghamshire, southwest of the Greater London area would rather recite her alphabet and times tables rather than sing nursery rhymes as most children do.

UK MPs vote down Theresa May's Brexit deal by 391 to 242

The British Parliament has voted not to support a Brexit deal secured by Prime Minister Theresa May and EU negotiators. But opposition lawmakers, including Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, had vowed to oppose it despite the EU's latest clarifications.

17-yr-old Shantelle Pooser is American Airlines’ first flight attendant with special needs

Shantelle “Shannie” Pooser has been described as the “life of the party”.This is in spite of having Down’s syndrome, and a terminal condition that has left 80 percent of the airways in her throat blocked.

Jamaica is first Caribbean country to welcome 1 million visitors so far in 2019

In just nine weeks since the beginning of 2019, Jamaica has been able to generate foreign exchange earnings of approximately $800 million after being the first Caribbean destination to welcome one million visitors during the period.

Horrified residents wake up to find their taps 'running with oil' after week-long power blackout heavily restricted the supply

Venezuelans have woken up to find their tap water running black in the latest crisis to hit the beleaguered South American nation. Residents in San Diego, Carabobo state, flooded social media with pictures and videos of the black water while complaining it had been contaminated with oil.

People with a rare condition that causes dark birthmarks pose for a stunning series of photos to encourage everyone to love their skin

Photographer Brock Elbank has taken an array of beautiful pictures of men and women, of different ages, born with a rare and untreatable skin condition as part of a striking new exhibition.

Make-up 'wizard' creates incredible 3D art using his own FACE as a canvas

A make-up artist had dubbed himself 'a wizard' for creating incredible 3D optical illusions on his face. Luca Luce, from Milan, Italy, has gained more than 240,000 Instagram followers for his mind-bending artwork.

Model With Monobrow Got Death Threats For Her Looks.

It's remarkable isn't it, that in 2019, some people still think it's any of their business what another person chooses to do with any part of their body even their eyebrows.

YouTube stuntman films himself dangling from skyscraper by his fingertips

A YouTube stuntman has filmed himself dangling one-handed from a skyscraper by just his fingertips.

Thomas Cook crew threaten to take woman off flight over 'inappropriate' outfit

A woman was left "physically shaking" when a Thomas Cook flight attendant allegedly refused to fly her on holiday because her outfit was "inappropriate".

Avengers Endgame trailer.

Since the last Avengers movie, Avengers infinity war there is no way there is not going to be a new movie

Five children feared dead in Brazil school shooting.

A SHOOTING AT a school near Sao Paulo has left several people dead, police sources said, with initial reports putting the death toll as high as eight.

Gang of six men make monkey noises at black commuter on London Underground train and victim shows good example to others.

This is the shocking moment a passenger was racially abused on the London underground by six white commuters, with one pretending to be a monkey and jumping at him as he filmed them.

South African doctors perform world’s first 3D middle ear transplant.

South African surgeons have made another surgical history by performing the world’s first transplant of middle-ear bones using 3D printed components. The groundbreaking surgery, performed at Steve Biko Academic Hospital on Wednesday, may enable a 40-year-old man to hear better after damaging his middle ear bone in an injury.

Murder Charges Against Suspect in New Zealand Mass Shooting.

Authorities in New Zealand have brought murder charges against a man suspected of being the gunman in the country’s worst mass shooting in which 49 people were killed and more than 20 wounded.

Thousands Swarm to Catch Glimpse of California’s Rare Super Bloom

Flowers bloom at the Carrizo Plain National Monument in California in 2017. (Bob Wick/Bureau of Land Management)
Thousands of visitors are making their way to the hills of Lake Elsinore to catch a glimpse of the rare California super bloom, as the Southern region sees its second bloom of wildflowers in two years.

Mum Goes Viral By Licking Bars Of Soap And Reviewing Them

Mum Goes Viral By Licking Bars Of Soap And Reviewing Them
A mum has become an internet sensation after she turned her weird pregnancy craving into a video series, where she licks bars of soap and reviews them. Khosik Assyifa said she began licking the products when she was pregnant with her son Mo, in 2017.

Man Robs Woman At ATM But Gives Her Money Back When He Sees Her Balance

An almost-thief was caught on camera about to rob a woman, before spotting how skint she was and handing the money back.CCTV footage obtained and shared by China Global Television Network shows the man, armed with a knife, approach the lone woman as she is using a cash point, and the pair of them exchange words with the terrified woman hanging over all her cash, which was reported to be 2,500 yuan (around £280).

Florida woman, 47, 'shot her boyfriend in the armpit for SNORING too loudly at the mobile home they share'!

A US woman has been arrested after allegedly shooting her boyfriend for snoring too loudly. Forty-seven-year-old Lorie Morin is accused of attempted murder and aggravated battery after her live-in boyfriend was rushed to hospital on Wednesday.

The 2 Nigerians Nominated for UK Women’s Prize for Fiction.

Every year, the UK Women’s Prize for Fiction awards this literary prize to one female author chosen from the millions of women all over the world who focus on feminity and other related different themes.

United by grief: Rival gangs console each other after Christchurch terror attack.

Members of one of New Zealand's most notorious street gangs have been captured consoling each other after the Christchurch terror attack as Prime Minister Jacinda Arden met families of the victims.

Astonishing moment 250 Amish men lift and carry a barn 150 feet across a farm in one piece.

A video filmed in Ohio shows the incredible moment Amish men surrounded and picked up a pole barn in order to move it from one location to the other. The astonishing moment took place on the farm of Joseph Hochstetler in northern Knox County, early Saturday, March 9.

Texas Teen Hospitalized After College Roommate Throws Bleach in Her Eyes.

A Texas college student has been accused of pouring bleach into her roommate’s eyes during an argument. Police arrested 18-year-old freshman Brianna Esomchukwu in connection with the incident that took place at Prairie View University on March 8. Esomchukwu was booked in Waller County, the station reported, on a charge of aggravated assault.

Jane Doe, 16, found dead in the woods nearly 50 years ago is finally identified.

A girl who was found dead nearly 50 years ago but who has remained unidentified ever since has finally been named thanks to DNA and genetic genealogy. The skeletal of Anne Marie Lehman was found in a woodland Oregon in August 1971.

First picture of boys aged 1 and 10 killed in Wolverhampton 'street race' crash.

This is the first picture of the 10-year-old boy and his toddler brother who was killed in a horror car crash today.

Burns survivor who felt like 'Frankenstein's mermaid' determined to model again.

A burns survivor who felt like 'Frankenstein's mermaid' is determined to model again to show others 'life goes on'.Taylor Goodman, 23, suffered 42 percent burns to her body and was warned she could lose her legs after an explosion that nearly claimed her life.

Dressed in her bridal gown, woman cries at grave of her fiancé on the day they were meant to wed.

Heartbreaking photos show a devastated bride in tears at her fiancé's graveside on the day they were supposed to get married. Sara Baluch, 22, put on her ivory chiffon wedding dress and white veil to weep at Mohammad Sharifi's resting place on Sunday.

Obese woman who crushed cousin, 9, to death by sitting on her is jailed for life.

A woman weighing 23 stone has been jailed for life after crushing her nine-year-old cousin to death by sitting on her. Veronica Posey, 66, positioned herself on Dericka Lindsay who was just over three feet tall and weighed a little more than five stone to punish her for being naughty.

Shark almost rips diver's hand off - but his pal wants to swim with 'Jaws' again.

A giant 12-foot shark brutally attacked a diver and ripped into his wrist leaving his wrist hanging from the bone and the water filled with blood. Alvaro Ordonez was mauled just feet away from pal Tracy Wollschlager but now she can't wait to get back into the water.

Furious dad shows up at school 'with loaded machine gun after son assaulted.

A furious dad showed up at his son's school with a machine gun after the youngster was assaulted by a teacher, according to reports. Christopher Freeman, 27, was fuming after his son told him a teacher at Bear Lakes Middle School, in Florida, the USA, had "slammed" him.

Girl, 9, found dead and dumped in duffel bag on horse riding trail.

The body of a nine-year-old girl who was 'full of joy and could've been whatever she wanted' has been found inside a duffel bag, according to reports. Police identified the child as Trinity Love Jones, of Los Angeles County in the US.

Day-tripper smashed seagull to death in front of kids after it stole his chips.

A day-tripper smashed a seagull to death in front of children after the bird knocked his chips out of his hand, a court was told. John Llewellyn Jones grabbed the protected seagull by the leg and smashed it into a wall when he was on a day trip to the seaside in Weston-super-Mare in North Somerset.

5 jaw-dropping Ikea hacks which will give your home the 'wow' factor

And not only for their huge collection of functional and modern design at such affordable prices but mostly, I think, for the infinite possibilities these products come with.How?

Detroit High School Senior Accepted into 41 Colleges, Awarded $300,000 in Scholarships

High school senior Michael Love knows what it’s like to have doubts in himself. Yet, his is a story that should inspire anyone who wants to overcome challenges. For Michael, this meant gaining acceptance into 41 colleges and being awarded over $300,000 in scholarships.

Georgia Teen Gets Accepted into 39 Colleges, Awarded $1.6 Million in Scholarships

A Georgia teen demonstrates how a budding young student can excel when she’s able to focus on her goals. Just ask 17-year-old Jordan Nixon from Douglas County High School. The high school senior says she doesn’t “study all the time,” but she does the study. In other words, she has balance and knows how to manage her time.

Teacher repeatedly PUNCHES schoolgirl in the head to break up fight over boy

A teacher repeatedly punched a schoolgirl in the head as he tried to break up a fight between her and another classmate.

Mum donates kidney to complete stranger in exchange for organ for sick daughter

A mum who gave one of her kidneys to a stranger so that someone else would do the same for her seriously ill daughter is in the running for our Supermum award.

Interactive art 'theme park' opens in New York

When they established design studio Snarkitecture in 2008, Daniel Arsham and Alex Mustonen set out to reimagine the relationship between art and architecture, while encouraging the public to approach their spaces with the curiosity of children.

Climate Change Activist Greta Thunberg Is Nominated For The Nobel Peace Prize Aged 16

Teen climate change activist Greta Thunberg has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. The Swedish schoolgirl, 16, has been put forward for the prestigious prize in light of the impact of her Fridays For The Future movement, which has inspired pupils around the world to walk out of their classrooms on Fridays to protest governments' collective lack of action on climate change.

Expecting Mothers Create Mini Portraits of Baby’s Sonogram on Their Nails.

Gone are the days when expectant mothers shared the good news of their pregnancy with just family members and friends. Nowadays, moms-to-be are looking for new and novel ways to let people know.

Woman Who Hadn’t Cut Her Hair in 8 Years Can’t Recognize Herself After an Epic Makeover.

Wendy, a part-time librarian from Bridgeport, Connecticut, has always been known for her exceptionally long hair, which she hadn’t cut for eight long years. Prior to that, Wendy had cut and donated her hair thrice.

French Violence Flares as Yellow Vest Protests Enter Fourth Month.

Rioters set fire to a bank and ransacked stores on Paris’s Champs Elysees avenue on March 16, in a new flare-up of violence as France’s yellow vest protests against President Emmanuel Macron and his pro-business reforms entered the fourth month. Police fired tear gas and water cannon as the protests turned violent after weeks of relative calm, during which marches had attracted declining numbers of participants.

Woman who was told she'd never conceive gives birth to 15-pound baby.

Joi Buckley from New York welcomed the baby girl named Harper on Monday."I knew she was going to be big, but I didn't anticipate no 15-pound baby," she told WETM News.