10 Photos Of Crazy Animal Crossovers That Will Freak You Out

Ten animal photos of the craziest animal crossovers you have ever seen, warning some of these creations might just freak you out.
The popular website Bored Panda recently had a competition with their readers to find the most creative animal hybrid and these were some of the results. Some of these crazy animal crossovers look cute while others appear bloody terrifying. See for your self below. 
1. The Highland Red Panda
Did you know that Mozilla’s browser was named after the red panda? Firefox is another name for red panda and to celebrate the browser`s success back in 2010 Mozilla adopted two baby red pandas that had been born at the Knoxville Zoo. 
2. The Hairless Pig Cat 
Pigs are one of the most intelligent animals on the planet, they are smarter than dogs, cats and even some primates. They even make good pets. 
3. The Emerald Green Tree Boa Dog 
Boa Constrictors are one of the largest snakes in the world, but this animal crossover looks more cute than deadly with a dogs head. 
4. The Great White Spider Eyed Shark 
Add a set of spider eyes to a great white shark and it goes from being a feared creature to seeming a friendly beast. 
5. The Spider Snake 
This spider and snake hybrid looks very similar to the creature from the horror movie Alien, wonder if this is where Ridley Scott got his inspiration from. What do you think? 
6. The Ferocious Schnowlser 
The Schnowlser is a very vocal dog, they bark when they’re happy, sad, or even just bored. So if you plan on adopting one be prepared for a lot of noise. 
7. The Miniature White Monkey Tiger 
We can`t decide if this animal hybrid is scary or cute. What do you think? 
8. The Womb-bat 
Did you know that wombats have an extremely slow metabolism, it can take around two weeks for their digestive system to digest a meal which is handy for living in habitats with little food. 
9. The Bir-boon 
Baboons can go several days without drinking water, they are able to re hydrate themselves by licking morning condensation off their fur. 
10. The Stageagle 
Did you know that if a male deer happens to break his antlers a new pair will grow back within a year?. Which of these crazy animal crossovers do you like the most?