Discover 6 Outlandish Animals That You Never Knew Existed

Every once in awhile outlandish animals are born that is strangely different to anything we have ever come across before. 
You could call them freaks of nature or mutants but whatever you choose to name them you have to admit they are bizarre. From Snakes with legs to six-eyed frogs here is our list of the most outlandish animals on the planet. Scroll through them but be warned some images may freak you out. 
1. Snake Born Complete With Legs And Claws 
A Chinese woman was horrified when this snake with a leg and claws slithered through her bedroom window. It was the scene of nightmares for this poor old woman but lucky for her no harm was done. The snake was eventually captured and donated to the Life Sciences Department at China’s West Normal University in Nanchang for studying. 
2. Two Headed Snapping Turtle 
This turtle was born with two fully functioning heads. In most cases any animal that is born with two heads has one that doesn`t work but both heads on this snapping turtle are able to consume small fish. Scientists are unsure which head controls the movement but it seems to be surviving just fine. 
3. Five Legged Lamb 
Numerous lambs have been born with five legs but this little fella from France is the only one known to survive with an extra leg. 
4. Cyclops Shark 
This one eyed shark was discovered in Mexico and looks like something from ancient Greek mythology. It is the only one that has ever been found to date. But one crazy thing is the eye looks more human than that of a shark. 
5. Pure White Killer Whale 
This albino killer whale was found off the coast of Russia, it is one of just four pure white killer whales ever to be discovered. 
6. Six Eyed Frog 
This strange animal is also one of a kind, it`s the only frog to have been born with six eyes. Some people claim this frog is fake while others insist it`s real. What do you think? These odd changes are caused by a slight change to the DNA, a tiny little change can make the difference to being born with a hand or a flipper. Quite often a chemical effect could damage one's DNA and bring about these crazy changes.