Wannabe Service Dog Who Failed Training Spectacularly Has Come A Long Way

A wannabe service dog has come a long way since footage of him hilariously failing during various training exercises went viral. Ryker belongs to the Double H Canine Training Academy in Louisville, Kentucky, who help get canines in the best shape possible to help those need assistance. A video of him being tested at how good he was at resisting distractions and performing small tasks was posted in late 2018 - and the world fell in love with the German Shepherd. The video was captioned 'Ryker giving it his all before flunking our of Service Dog Training School' and it couldn't be truer.
The footage showed him walking alongside a trainer, who was carrying a walker that had tennis balls attached to the bottom. The dog is meant to calmly walk beside the person and ensure they are able to get through any obstacles. Sadly for Ryker though, the temptation to bite the tennis balls was too much and he ended up ripping the walker from the trainer's hands. That was just one of many mess-ups the dog experienced during his viral training video. Now, however, the staff at the Double H Canine Training Academy have posted a new video showing Ryker in a much better position.
Dressed in an orange harness, the German Shepherd expertly sits, moves around on command and pays attention to its owner. It's a huge turnaround for a dog that was previously pulling fridges from walls, dripping water all over the floor and scamping over to tennis balls quicker than it could bark. People who have been following his journey are thrilled to see him being a better dog, with one person writing: "I absolutely love this, keep up the shenanigans. This literally made my day." Another added: "What a big improvement for Ryker." Whether Ryker is still in the running to become a service dog or just a good doggo is anyone's guess, but at least he's much more well behaved. The Training Academy also doubles as a facility for anyone to have their dog trained. The company's owners say on Facebook: "Your pet will learn to listen every time, no matter the distraction. Your pet will no longer jump, bark, or pull while on leash. Your dog will be well mannered, safe, and under control."Clearly, it's done wonders for Ryker.