Restaurant apologises and changes policy after a black woman and her son were denied service because of the son's casual clothes (video)

A Baltimore restaurant has apologized to a black mum and her son after video footage showed the restaurant stopping the young boy from entering due to his outfit even though a white boy wearing the same outfit was allowed in.
Video footage of the shocking racial discrimination drew widespread condemnation on social media especially as the Black Lives Movement has garnered momentum following the death of George Floyd. The young black boy, following his mom, Marcia Grant, was denied a seat by the manager of the Atlas Restaurant in Baltimore, Ouzo Bay, for no clear reason as there was another child in the restaurant a white child, who was allowed in and he was dressed almost identically to Marcia's son. The Atlas Restuarant Group in a statement on Tuesday said they were sorry for the incident recorded by the boy's mother and they had put the manager on 'indefinite leave'.Atlas Restaurant Group said they were “sickened," adding, "While dress codes across Atlas properties are the result of ongoing input from customers, in no way are they intended to be discriminatory." Atlas now says children under 12 accompanied by a parent will no longer be subject to a dress code. Atlas said the manager has been placed on "indefinite leave."Watch the video below.