Bride-to-be expresses outrage after ordering wedding gown online and receiving one that looks nothing like the pictures (photos)

A bride-to-be ordered a wedding gown online for her big day but was disappointed when the outfit was delivered. Meaghan Taylor, 23, bought the gown for £60 on Wish but the gown looked nothing like what was advertised. The dress was meant to be a flowing, puffy dress with a V-shaped neckline. But she was left with an ill-fitting garment that rode up her body when she tried it on. 
The mum-of-one said: "I was blown away by what I received. It looked nothing like the photo when I ordered it. "I was pretty heartbroken, but I couldn't help but laugh." Meaghan contacted the private seller on Wish and asked for a refund but getting her money back was a bit of a battle. She said: "I did ask for my money back. "But they had told me I needed the original packaging and the box it had come in, which I didn't keep. "I then proceeded to tell them that this ruined my wedding as I was expecting the dress in the photo. "And they finally returned my money."Meaghan, who is looking forward to marrying fiancé Keith Reid, 30, next summer, took a picture of herself in the dress and posted it to Facebook with the caption: "On another episode of what we ordered and what we actually got. "My face tells exactly how I'm feeling. Show me your online fails." The post went viral with many laughing at how the wedding gown looked in real life.
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