Theophilus Adepoju Aderounmu

Theophilus Adepoju Aderounmu arrived the United States as a supposed medical student at the University of Chicago, until he appeared on the CBS-TV quiz game, the first game show to be aired regularly on television, featuring Bible quiz. It was an in-house production and broadcasted in black and white. Aderounmu was a Bible guru himself, he had an impressive performance and had a chance to get to win the grand prize of $256,000 on the show when he surprisingly quitted. The organizers of the show had found out that Aderounmu was not a student, he had lied about his academic records, and in fact, he was married twice, he and his first wife, Faye were divorced in August 1956. He later remarried another woman identified as Catherine L. McGee on April 30. 1957, also while he was winning on the big money show, the ex-wife appeared in Bronx Domestic Relation Court and sued him for nonsupport of their daughter. Embarrassed by the stories of his past, Aderounmu quit the show, he confessed to the audience that he lied because he was broke and was afraid he would be refused as a contestant if it were known that he was not a student. Nevertheless, before withdrawing, Aderonmu whose usually beaming face had answered correctly all the questions put to him about Bible subjects. Because he had gone high in the quiz to the $96,000 question level, he was given $64,000 when he quit. After his last appearance where he announced his withdrawal, Aderonmu reportedly told newsmen that he planned to enter Northwestern University to continue working toward a medical degree and that his ultimate ambition was to establish a hospital near his home in Oyo. 
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