Odu Iwori : A woman can pray and touch her ifa when on her period - Popoola Owomide Ifagbenusola

It's high time people knew that women's monthly period is not a sign of dirtiness or something forbidden but a sign of hope and strength according to Ifa.
A woman can pray and touch her ifa when on her period.
There are some medicines that a woman can't touch when menstruating simply because medicines comprise of leaves, energies, and words(incantation) which the power of the monthly flow could render the medicine impotent.
But when it comes to Ifa, menstrual blood is never seen as something dirty or forbidden, it's your strength and gives hope.
That's why in Iwori Osa
Ina papa lo ba'le lo mo roro
Adifa fun Orundojo omidan
Awon eleyi ti won o sun, ti won o b'eje n'itan won
Ebo won ni won o se
Owo eje kan Owo eje kan
T'awa nse l'osu yi
Ifa je o d'omo
Fire clears are dried bush completely
Casted ifa for 92 damsels (Ladies)
When they sleep and woke up to the sight of blood on their thigh
They were advised to offer Ebo
The menstrual blood that we have seen this month
Ifa please let it turn to childbearing for us.
Odu Iwori Osa
This is to make us understand that they were hopeful that the outcome of the blood will be fruitful. That's what menstrual blood actually represented over here.
Aboru Aboye ooo!!!
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